South Carolina GOP congressman says Chinese spy balloon fell right over hometown: I’m ‘incredibly concerned’

Rep. Russell Fry, RS.C, told Fox News that a Chinese surveillance balloon crashed off the coast of his district near his hometown and he was “incredibly concerned” why it took days to recover.

Representative. Russell Fry: We haven’t been told much to be honest. It fell right over my hometown. We’re a little in the dark. I think the American people are in the dark. Why was that? Allowed to go Clean for so many days across the country? You see, national security is one of the greatest things a country can do. It’s a core function of government, so I think for us in Congress and I think for the American people, there are a lot more questions than answers right now.

The US military shot down a Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean

In this photo provided by Brian Branch, a large balloon floats above the Kingston, North Carolina area, with an airplane and its contrail visible below.
(Brian Branch via AP)

I think the American people owe us answers. I mean, you see when he was discovered by a local press outlet in Montana, he was monitored for days. gave The White House There was total silence on what was going on, what the reaction would be, and look, China is one of our biggest enemies. To see, when I was driving earlier people looked up at the sky, you know, people pulled over on the side of the road, they were pulling out their camera phones – there’s a lot of intrigue about that. It’s an exciting time, but a lot of people have questions about it, and for me, I’m incredibly concerned about where it’s going and why it’s taken so long to resolve. .

Kudos to the men and women for a successful mission and pulling this thing off.

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