Starbucks employees warn ‘no tip’ workers: ‘It could burn’

Thanks to dueling advice from TikTok baristas, Starbucks’ new device system just got more complicated.

“It’s scary how many baristas here say they hit the ‘no tip’ button before handing over the card reader. First of all, my loves, this fire is possible, ”- TikTok user @yassimodosays a 52-second viral video claiming to be a Starbucks employee.

“You can’t touch the screen at all. He was in training. Second, the only thing you have to do is: I say, “It will ask if you want to leave a tip – it’s totally up to you, but you should. Pick a card to pass.” Plain and simple.”

Starbucks recently began rolling out a system that allows customers to electronically advise customers about credit card transactions at the cafe and drive-thru register. Some employees have told the customer that they automatically click “no tip” to avoid an awkward or angry interaction.

A Starbucks worker is allegedly claiming that clicking “no to” for a customer is a fireable offense.
TikTok / flat fashion

TikToker Yassimodo — who uses pronouns himself — believes it’s best to let the customer decide whether to tip, and warn that a warning is coming.

“Why are you touching the screen, fk your colleagues, fk you for flipping yourself over?” they were surprised.

The TikToker added that if a supervisor were to review the security camera footage, it would appear that the employee was adding the tip himself, rather than hitting the “no to” button.

They claim they are already reaping the rewards of the new system.

“Actually, I got some crazy tips tonight,” they said, “Though [it’s] only $1.”


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The Post has reached out to Starbucks representatives for comment.

At the same time, users agreed with the advice of the TikToker – many said that they like to transfer money.

“I recommend 100% because I don’t know how to make great coffee,” one supporter wrote.

Others argue that if employees are too afraid to let potentially angry customers make up their own minds, it says more about how customers treat service employees than anything else.

“I guess they think they’re doing the customer a favor, but honestly, if the customer isn’t big enough to say no, that’s their problem,” one noted.


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