Steve Burton confirms departure of ‘General Hospital’ on vaccine mandate: it ‘hurts’


Steve Burton is leaving “General Hospital” nearly three decades later due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Two weeks after Ingo Rademaker’s departure from the long-running ABC soap opera for the same reason, Burton announced on Instagram on Tuesday that he had been left with “General Hospital” because he did not comply with the COVID-19 vaccine requirement of production. A man familiar with the situation, who was not authorized to speak publicly about Burton’s departure, confirmed the news, whose last episode was shot on October 27.

“I want you to hear it from me in person,” said Burton, who has been playing Jason Morgan since 1991. “Unfortunately, the ‘General Hospital’ has let me go because of the vaccine mandate. I have applied for my medical and religious exemptions and both have been denied. It hurts you. But it’s also about personal freedom for me.

The 51-year-old continued: “I hope no one should lose their livelihood on this.”

Reached for ABC. Burton’s representative declined to comment.

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Burton portrayed Jason Morgan in “General Hospital” from 1991 to 2012 and 2017. Burton returned to Morgan after a five-year stint on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” from 2013 to 2017. In 2007, he played Morgan in the “General Hospital” spin-off “Night Shift,” which lasted two seasons.

He won the Daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Morgan in 1998.

“I’m always grateful for my time at General Hospital. I love it there. I grew up there,” Burton said in his video, adding he hopes to reprise his role. “Maybe one day, if these orders are removed, I can go back and finish my career as Jason Morgan. That’s an honor.”

“I don’t know what my last broadcast date is. It may be aired or tomorrow or the next day, I’m not sure,” Burton added in his video.

Rademaker, who quit the show earlier this month, commented on Burton’s post, “Well said, my friend.”

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Earlier this month, Rademaker left his main character, Jasper “Jax” Jax, because he refused to comply with the vaccine order of production. Their final episode aired Monday.

“Vaccination should be an option and not forced on anyone,” Rademaker said on Instagram following the news of her departure. “I fight for medical freedom and the right to choose.”

For months, the “General Hospital” cast has been openly talking about COVID-19 and vaccine orders. In August, Nancy Lee Grahn, who played Alexis Davis since 1996, publicly called on the Screen Actors Guild Labor Union to address COVID-19 safety protocols on set.

“I work with a set of masked, non-vaccinated actors, because my union has so far allowed it to be @sagaftra. Full break,” Grahn Tweeted On August 12th.

A day later, Burton announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. “I was exposed at work,” he told his fans on Aug. 13 in a video. “I’m fine. I have no symptoms.”

According to Variety, ABC’s “General Hospital” is the only soap opera to establish a vaccine order for the remaining four daytime dramas broadcast on major networks. The outlet says it relies on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” and CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” test and other CDC-recommended guidelines.

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