Steven Matz, who rejects the Mets, should be more fuel to fix things


Right now, the Mets lead the league in just one division – as has been said.

Executives and players have been doing this for more than a year.

Steve Cohen expressed his anger over the recent rejection on Wednesday morning, taking Steven Matz’s agent Rob Martin to Twitter for “unprofessional behavior.” Cohen picked up the strand in a phone call shortly after, urging agents to mislead the Left on how much they preferred to return to the Mets.

There is an important point here: Whether they avoid or use the Mets (pick your verb), it is a symptom, not a sickness, that Matz agrees to a four-year, $ 44 million contract with the Cardinals. I have seen this epidemic in the past. I was a Yankees beat writer for this magazine in the late 1980s / early 1990s. The Yankees are not just terrible on the field. However, during George Steinbrenner’s most hesitant role, he was perceived as a passive clown.

The best executives turned down opportunities to work for them. The best free agents that the Yankees have to juice the bids with no intention of calling the Bronx home. The top free agents in the Yankees my first winter (after the 1989 season) were Mark Davis, Ricky Henderson and Mark Langston. Each copies a Yankee interest. Everything is signed elsewhere. The Yankees were forced to pay more to second-class starters like Tim Leary and Pascual Perez to bribe New York.

Nothing changed until 1990, when Jean-Michel became general manager. He was lucky. Steinbrenner was suspended. Bill Livesey and Brian Sabin were putting together one of the best Homegrown Mother Loads ever. But Michael in principle believed in what kind of players to follow. A year later he hired Buck Showalter to perform. This helped bring a layer of professionalism missing in the past. In 1993, the Yankees started winning and have not stopped since.

The Mets
Mets owner Steven Cohen and Steven Matz
Corey Sipkin, Getty Images

Billy Eppler considers Michael one of his most important mentors. He is now the Mets GM. If he wants to move this forward, Showalter will be available again as manager.

But the key point here is that the Mets should take every little bit of denial – including Matz and use it as fuel to fix the organization. And that can be corrected – it’s not worse than the 1990 Yankees. Considering the number of Mets fans and the size of Cohen’s bank account, intelligence and ambitions, this should be a jewel.

It won’t be overnight, of course. The Wilpens left the mess. In Year 1, the Cohen administration did not make it better. But this is another deeply breathtaking moment. Let’s imagine Matz and Martin’s bad intentions. He has overheated the Mets in the last four or five days. He got Cohen on a couple of zoom calls so that the left wing and his agent could sell how much the Long Island kid wants to return home. He sold his family close, reunited with Paul Jacob DeGrom, and settled the unfinished business in Flushing.

In the end, Matz was looking at the Cardinals and Mets. Which would you choose? An organization that made the playoffs for the third year in a row or never made it in its history? Has an organization made 15 playoffs in this century and won two World Series or won nine – so far – and without a title since 1986? Can the steady leadership organization charged for the playoffs in the second half of 2021 be helped by the five Gold Glove Defenders, or the collapse of the second half and the current overall team’s strength?

As with many things in life, negotiations are of “rushoman” quality; Each side sees and hears what he wants. But even if the Matz uncertainty is dishonest and dishonest, you can see why St. Louis is more attractive. In addition, as an experienced agent read Cohen’s tweet and messaged me unsurely, “Well, Mr. Cohen, for better or worse, you better use it. This is the world we live in. ”

The boss
George Steinbrenner and the Yankees once followed what the Mets were dealing with now.

I find it hard to believe that the baseball world is more sharp-edged and disgusting than Cohen dealt with in his day job, but if so, consider it a lesson. As such, this is not a new lesson. The Mets thought Trevor Bauer was signed last offseason to see the Dodgers move on. Sometimes it is a blessing to not sign the person you want. I think Matz has a good chance of falling into that category; The Mets had to be more zealous as Leary.

Just over a year ago, the Mets traded Matz to Toronto for corporate pitching depth. Getting ready to do four years at $ 44 million now offers another deep breath – why was the Blue Jays able to improve the results of Matz, who was such a sought-after part of the market?

It’s part of a big-picture project; For the Mets to be a better organization. Be able to find the best players and then make them better. They have the space and resources to do it. Matz will eventually be the footnote. Symptoms are always present. It is important to address the disease.



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