Students at the University of Florida change their minds about renamed Black Friday after learning the original


Students at the University of Florida, who said they support changing the name to “Black Friday,” had a change of heart when they said the name of the shopping holiday had nothing to do with race.

A Video On Wednesday, Campus Reform released a report asking students on the Gainesville campus whether reporter Ophelie Jacobson would support the rebranding as “Black Friday.” Opinion article It argued that it discriminates against black people.

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“Honestly I’m ready to rename it,” one student commented. “I don’t like the name Black Friday. I’ve never been since I was little. When I go to the shops, everything is overflowing and I look at the workers. It’s wrong, but they tend to be more lean. For the light-skinned people, they help them.”

“I think equality is important,” said another student.

“I mean, I think it’s definitely a valid opinion. I agree that it needs to be changed because Black Friday seems offensive,” said another student.

One student responded that changing the name was “not going to help real black people” and that it was not an issue he was protesting.

The original “Black Friday” is much debated, but The History Channel says It is finally from Philadelphia in the 1960s, where police used the term to negatively describe the frenetic shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, before the Army-Navy football game began every year that Saturday. In the 1980s, retailers reportedly reinvented the term to mean that retailers would make a profit on the day after Thanksgiving, and would go from red to black after operating for a whole year.

“The word Black Friday has nothing to do with race,” campus reform reporter Jacobson told students in the video. “Do we still need to change that?”

“No,” said one student. “I don’t see a problem if it’s not about skin color.”

“If you want to rename it, save the feelings, it’s not helpful,” said another.

“It’s just a word, like, it’s a color,” added another.

“At one point everything seems offensive,” said another.

Watch the full video below:


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