Sudan fighting still rages despite U.S. announced talks breakthrough

After weeks of fighting between the Sudanese military and civilian groups, it was announced on Wednesday that the two sides had agreed to resume talks. However, reports from the ground suggest that the fighting has not stopped and that the situation in the country remains tense.

The conflict in Sudan began after a military coup in October 2022, which saw the ousting of the civilian government and the imposition of military rule. The military promised to hold elections within two years, but many Sudanese people were skeptical of the military’s intentions and took to the streets to demand a return to civilian rule.

The protests were met with violence from the military, and the situation quickly escalated into a full-blown conflict. Both sides have accused each other of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings and torture.

Despite the announcement of talks, there have been reports of continued fighting in the capital, Khartoum, as well as in other parts of the country. Civilian groups have accused the military of using heavy weapons against civilian populations, while the military has accused the protesters of attacking government buildings and security forces.

The situation in Sudan has attracted international attention, with the United States and other countries calling for an end to the violence and a return to civilian rule. The United States has also imposed sanctions on Sudanese officials involved in the coup and the subsequent violence.

While the announcement of talks is a positive development, it remains to be seen whether they will lead to a resolution of the conflict. The fighting has already claimed the lives of hundreds of people, and the longer it continues, the greater the risk of further violence and instability in the country.

Many Sudanese people are calling for the international community to do more to help resolve the conflict and ensure a return to civilian rule. As the situation in Sudan continues to evolve, it is clear that much work remains to be done to achieve a lasting peace in the country.

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