SUNY professor outraged by social justice course requirement for graduation: ‘We need to stand up’

A professor at the State University of New York The (SUNY) system is calling for “distributive” new social justice course requirements for students to graduate.

Suffolk County Community College political science professor Nicholas Giordano, who first reported the requirement, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday as SUNY prepares to implement a new policy requiring all new students to have social justice. and need to take courses on diversity, equity and inclusion.

“It’s extremely divisive,” Giordano said of the program, which will begin in fall 2023 for 64 state schools. “Higher education needs to recognize enrollment declines, companies dropping degree requirements, and all this from self-inflicted wounds like this.”

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Photo of the SUNY Oswego campus in Oswego County, New York.
(SUNY Oswego)

SUNY Board of Trustees members approved a resolution in November 2021 outlining the addition of several required courses, including a new social justice category.

A memorandum sent to SUNY presidents in December 2021 states that through the diversity course requirement, students “will be able to analyze the role that complex networks of social structures and systems play in the dynamics of power, privilege, oppression, play in creating and sustaining it. and opportunity.”

“I think the biggest problem is that when you start changing student learning objectives to meet these requirements, there’s no debate or discussion… it’s almost like it’s a is absolute,” Giordano, a Campus reform Associates in higher education, replied.

“What it does is it tribalizes society, puts identity above American identity, puts everybody in their little groups. And tribal societies don’t work. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. “You are either the oppressed party or you are the oppressor.”

Giordano said America is “a unique nation” where people of different backgrounds can live together and argued that universities are “destroying” that framework.

“Now they’re saying these institutions, well, they’re against you, and they’re racist, and they’ve been part of an evil scheme since the beginning of our history, 250 years of recorded history. And So when we look at that, what will the response be to the country these students are living in, and how will that prepare them for the workforce?”

“This has been going on for too long,” he said. “We need to stand up.”

In a statement to SUNY Chancellor John B. King, Jr Argued that the requirement would help prepare students for professional life.

“Displaying and understanding diversity is essential to success in our modern society and economy. As a leader in preparing the workforce and citizens of the future, SUNY is committed to embedding diversity at the core of all we do – From academics to campus life and everything in between. By recognizing and celebrating our diversity and fostering respectful dialogue and debate, SUNY provides students with the world-class education they deserve. Deserved,” King said.

Adam Sibbs of Fox News contributed to this report.

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