Taylor Lorenz defends China’s ‘zero COVID’ lockdown and criticizes US

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz is stirring up controversy once again — this time by appearing to defend the Chinese government’s draconian COVID-19 lockdowns that have locked millions of people in their homes, sparking angry protests.

Last week, Lorenz tweeted in response to a link on Twitter from his employer that explored the implications of Beijing’s “zero COVID” strategy, which excludes outbreaks and eliminates cases of the coronavirus instead of treating symptoms. aimed at doing.

“The coronavirus outbreak in China, which is on the verge of becoming the largest pandemic yet, has revealed a critical flaw in Beijing’s ‘zero COVID’ strategy: a vast population with no natural immunity,” the Washington Post reported.

Lorenz, who has criticized the US government’s rollback of virus mitigation measures and often wears a mask because of a medical condition that puts him at risk, criticized his newspaper.

“Choosing not to kill millions of vulnerable people (as the US has done) is not a ‘significant shortcoming,'” Lorenz tweeted.

Lorenz posted a tweet critical of an article written by Washington Post colleagues.
Facebook / Taylor Lorenz

“There is no permanent ‘natural immunity’ to COVID,” Lorenz added. “You can get covid over and over because there are so many infinitely evolving strains and antibodies are lost.”

The New York Post reached out to Lorenz, whose comments went viral. He has been accused of supporting the Chinese government’s draconian measures, including lockdowns, mass testing and mandatory quarantine of those exposed to the virus.

China’s policies, and the simultaneous increase in cases of COVID, have significantly hampered the national economy and forced a slowdown in production, which worries investors on Wall Street.

On Twitter, Lorenz angrily denied supporting a “zero COVID” strategy.

He tweeted, “Accepting prognosis, extensive permanent disability [does not equal] general agreement with one’s politics’.

“So please stop saying I approve of policies I’ve never spoken about!”

China’s “zero COVID” strategy has sparked protests across the country.
AFP via Getty Images

Lorenz went on to praise the Washington Post and its health reporters for “some of the best Covid reporting around.”

“Big reason I’m proud to work here,” Lorenz tweeted. “They are the best in the business, and as a medically vulnerable person, I rely on their coverage every day.”

This isn’t the first time Lawrence has publicly criticized a Washington Post colleague over a disagreement over COVID.

Last month, Lorenz targeted columnist and columnist Helaine Olen on the paper’s opinion page. Page Six tells the story of Howard Stern’s germaphobia left his “bunker” to eat with friends for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“At some point we have to start a conversation about people who are still too afraid to leave their homes because of Covid,” Olen tweeted.

Despite lockdowns and mandatory quarantines, China is in the grip of the coronavirus outbreak.
Despite lockdowns and mandatory quarantines, China is in the grip of the coronavirus outbreak.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

“I personally know two such cases. This is not a healthy lifestyle.”

Lorenz replied: “What an absurd, careless thing to announce.” Thousands of people are dying a week, millions are being disabled, and we have no effective drugs to prevent infection.

“Immunity is weakened [people] does not deserve derogatory comments [about] “too afraid” of a virus that will kill or seriously disable us.

In June, the Washington Post fired political reporter Felicia Sonmez for “insubordination” after she publicly criticized her colleagues and editors for not supporting female staffers enough.

Sonmez was angered by the paper’s management’s failure to discipline colleagues who criticized the decision to suspend another reporter, Dave Weigel, without pay for retweeting a joke some considered sexist.


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