Taylor Lorenz slammed former New York Times colleague Barry Weiss for hypocrisy and “jealousy” after attacking him.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz was mocked Tuesday for the “glass superdome” syndrome, dismissing Barry Weiss’ success as the result of wealth, disregard for journalistic ethics and serving people in power.

Lorenz, who like Weiss previously worked at the New York Times, responded to an article about his former Gray Lady colleague starting his own new media corporation, The Free Press: “What’s being called a ‘buzzy media startup.’ If you start off rich, have a rich spouse, rich friends, follow no journalistic ethics and focus your content solely on serving the interests of the super-rich, you can go far!”

Critics were quick to accuse Lorenz, an outspoken left-wing voice born in affluent Old Greenwich, Connecticut, of “creating a project,” pointing out that he comes from a privileged, wealthy family and has been accused of violating journalistic ethics in several prestigious organizations. circumstances. Lorenz was accused of doxxing, contacting minors to comment without parental permission, and misleading readers that he was not asked to comment on the subject of the report, among other allegations.

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz criticized reporter Barry Weiss after reporting on the launch of Axios Free Press.
(Taylor Lorenz/Twitter)


John Levin of the New York Post, a frequent critic of Lorenz, took notice.

“Taylor comes from a very wealthy family in Connecticut and attended a 90,000-a-year Swiss boarding school. She currently works for Jeff Bezos, and her work routinely violates journalistic standards and ethics,” Levin wrote. “It’s not a glass house – it’s a glass superdome.”

“While Taylor Lawrence complains about journalistic ethics, let’s remember the time George Conway had to take to Twitter to publicly tell his 15-year-old daughter to cut off contact with her because of her mother’s displeasure,” podcaster Noam Bloom wrote.

“Taylor Lawrence lecturing someone about being rich and immoral is like OJ Simpson giving marriage seminars,” writer Bethany Mandel responded to another user who wrote, “Taylor Lawrence lecturing others about journalism ethics Casey It looks like Anthony is lecturing others about parenting.”

Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz.

Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz.

Another user called Lawrence’s tweet “objectively ridiculous,” while one critic responded, “Lady, your house is made of glass.”

Another critic responded: “I’m confused, you seem to be describing yourself, but the context clues make it seem like you’re talking about someone else.”


In 2020, Weiss left the Times in a scathing resignation letter that attacked the “liberal atmosphere” within the paper, where he did not feel comfortable expressing centrist views, and said that left-leaning Twitter had served as the paper’s “ultimate editor.” Weiss, who launched The Free Press from his successful substack Common Sense, said he was drawn to a “wrong mindset” that made him the subject of “constant intimidation by colleagues” who disagreed with his views. did not agree. Weiss did not name Lorenz in the mock letter — the two overlapped in the paper in 2019 and 2020 — but he has criticized her in the past.

Lorenz has since moved from the Times to the Post, and recently made headlines for attacking a colleague with a tweet saying people should not be afraid to leave their homes because of COVID concerns, calling it “absurd.”


Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz has never shied away from attacking her opponents online.

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz has never shied away from attacking her opponents online.
((Photo by Eric BARADAT / AFP))

In 2020, he repeatedly posted a 15-year-old girl’s TikTok posts and had direct contact with a minor without her parents’ permission. In 2021, Lorenz filed a false accusation business-technology entrepreneur Marc Andreessen about “using r-slur”, which he later admitted was a mistake.

In April, the popular right-wing Twitter personality questioned the identity of Libs of TikTok, just days after he condemned the online harassment of women in a cable TV interview.

He was too had to withdraw the claim he was harassed “relentlessly” by a “Drudge Report editor” who later claimed it was a “joke”.

Many mocked Lorenz for his latest viral photo:

Fox News’ Nicholas Lanum and Joseph A. Wolfson contributed to this report.

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