Taylor Swift says she feels ‘freer to create’ than she did in her 20s

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift recently revealed in an interview that she feels “freer to create” than she did in her 20s as the pop star moves into the next phase of her career.

The “Anti-Hero” singer made the comments while sitting down with Oscar-winning director Martin McDonagh for the director’s series, which Variety announced Monday. Swift talked about how her artistic process has changed over the past few years.

“Do you feel like you write songs differently now? Even if you’re talking about a heartbreak song, are you writing differently now than you did when you were 22?” McDonagh asked Swift during the interview.

“Yes. I definitely feel freer to create now,” he replied. “And I’m making more albums at a faster pace than ever, because I think the more art you make, the less pressure you put on yourself. That’s the phase I’m in right now. It’s different. “


Taylor Swift sat down with director Martin McDonagh to discuss her upcoming projects and reflect on her career.
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Swift added, “There are people who put out an album every five years, and that’s great, and that’s how they work. And I totally respect that. But I’m happier when I make things more often.”

He also discussed how writing and directing All Too Well: The Short Film helped him grow as a director as he prepares to make his first feature film for Searchlight Pictures.

“Every aspect of my work as a singer has influenced my directing,” Swift said. “I’m shooting on film for a very short time from time to time. I really want someone to feel comfortable. If they want to look at the monitor or know how it’s set up, they should know that. for.

“But I think it’s helpful if people know what story they’re telling. I’ve been a part of things where you didn’t know the script and nobody knew what the story was,” he said.

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