Tennessee police chief axed over ex-cop’s wild sex romps scandal

The chief of a Tennessee police department has been rocked by a sex scandal involving a married female officer who allegedly had steamy romps with six of her colleagues.

La Vergne Police Chief Burl “Chip” Davis was placed on paid administrative leave and then fired Monday after former police officer Megan Hall, 26, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. WTVF reported..

Hall, who was recently fired for having sex with six officers while on duty, alleged in his complaint that Davis created an environment that encouraged misconduct.

The city hired a third-party investigator who determined that Davis knew about illegal activity in his department but failed to report or discipline any officers involved, according to the news outlet. failed to do.

The report also determined that the chief obstructed an initial investigation into sexual misconduct.

La Vergne Police Chief Burl “Chip” Davis is pictured with Megan Hall, the officer who allegedly had a steamy romp with six accomplices.
La Vergne Police Department

“There are no words to describe the disappointment and frustration felt by me and other city leaders,” Mayor Jason Cole said in a statement.

“Officers are held to a higher standard, even more so by their chief,” he said.

Hizzoner added: “We take the health, safety and well-being of every employee at La Vergne extremely seriously, and a culture similar to the one revealed in these investigations is unacceptable. We want our officers, our city employees, And will continue to do whatever it takes to do the right thing for our community.”

Former police officer Megan Hall, 26,
Ex-policeman Megan Hall, 26, said she went through a difficult divorce and became “stupid”.
La Vergne Police Department

On Monday, Deputy Chief Brent Hatcher was named interim chief as the city conducts a nationwide search for its next top cop.

Hall has told investigators that he “did crack” during a difficult divorce and had sex with horny male partners, who would “stick in his d–anything.”

He admitted to performing oral sex on Sgt. Lewis Powell, who allegedly threatened to kill himself by drinking an entire bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and then getting into a car accident.

Hall, who told associates that he was in an “open marriage,” also admitted to having sex with fellow cop Larry Holladay and a threesome with fellow officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife.

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Suspended Police Officer Larry Holladay.

Hall also admitted to having sex with Officer Larry Holladay, who was suspended.

Fired officer Juan Lugo Perez

Juan Lugo Perez admitted to having sex with Hall.


Suspended Patrol Officer Gavin Schoberl

Patrolman Gavin Schoberl exchanged nude photos with Hall.

Suspended officers Patrick Magliocco and fired police officer Megan Hall.

Officers Patrick Maglico and Megan Hall

Dismissed Sergeant Lewis Powell

Hall said he performed oral sex on Sgt. Lewis Powell on police property.


Fired Sergeant Ty McGowan

Hall revealed former Sgt. Ty McGowan has a foot fetish.

Fired detective Seneca Shields

Detective Seneca Shields was also fired in connection with the investigation.

Suspended Officer Patrick Magliocco

Officer Patrick Magliocco has been suspended.


And she told how she tried to get her husband to have sex with another couple – Sgt. Ty McGowan and his wife.

Powell, Officer Juan Lugo Perez, McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields were terminated following an internal investigation.

Magliocco, Holladay and Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl kept their jobs but were suspended.

Officials began investigating Hall and her associates after Cole received information that she was sleeping with several fellow police officers.

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