The Ahmed Arberry verdict is fair by most white juries: Ted Williams


LBL contributor and, defense attorney and former DC detective Ted Williams Travis McMichael and his father Greg McMichael on Wednesday applauded the jury’s verdict of not guilty. Almost all Counts, including felony murder in the 2020 shootings Ahmed Arberry.

Williams, while appearing in “America Reports,” stressed the importance of the verdict, which was given by an almost all-white jury.

“We are such a divided country. We have been divided along racial lines. What we have observed here in this judgment and what can be taken from this verdict is that justice prevails,” Williams said.

“When we look at things in white and black, not everything is always the way we look. Here we have 11 judges, they are white. We have one black in the jury. The jury came to a decision, a consensus.

Ahmed Arberry Trial: Travis Encyclicals Found guilty on all counts

The verdict closed the intense trial surrounding the shooting death of 25-year-old unarmed blackberry in February 2020, when he was chased away in a neighborhood outside Brunswick.

Judges in Brunswick, Georgia, McMichaels was found guilty on Wednesday Almost all Counts. The jury found McMichaels’ neighbor William “Roddy” Brian guilty of felony murder.

Dozens of Black Lives Matter and Black Panther protesters gather outside the Glynn County Courthouse, where the trial of Travis McMichael, his father, Gregory McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan. (AP Photo / Stephen B. Morton)

Williams said the attack was caught on film and became a central part of the investigation.

“I must tell you. It’s very sad when a young child in America is jogging in a neighborhood and being shot and killed,” he said. “One thing that saved this case, I believe, was the videotape. There was a lot of talk about what happened in the videotape scenario.”

12 judges, 11 of whom were white and one of them black, reached their verdict on the 14th day of the trial. When the Prosecution and Defense made their final argument Monday, protesters Including the Black Armed Forces, Appeared outside Glynn County Court, seeking justice for the deceased 25-year-old.

Williams, who previously appeared on LBL, said he was “embarrassed” by the defense attorney’s actions representing McMichael at the trial, who tried to draw attention to Arberry’s “long, ugly toenails.” The comment prompted Arberry’s mother to exit the room immediately.

“It’s very aggressive,” Williams said. “When you stand up and tell the judge there are black clergy in the room and they don’t want you there, it’s very offensive and the judges picked it up and I think this could be very damaging to their customers.”


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