‘The Bachelor’s Rachel Recchia Clarifies Whether She’s Dating Ex Clayton After Flirty TikTok

Rachel Ritchie And Clayton Eichard are not back together romantically, despite a recent tweet that had fans wondering if something was going on between them. In a video from TMZ, Rachel was asked if she was dating Clayton, to which she replied with a laugh, “No, but we’re friends!” When asked how she managed to be friends with an ex who hurt her so badly, Rachel admitted, “A lot of time and therapy.” He also kept coy about the current status of his love life and refused to answer whether he is currently single or not.


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Rachel and Clayton recently caught up with a group of other Bachelor Nation alums. Michelle Young, where TikTok originated. Michelle also previously dated Clayton when he was a contestant on her season. Bachelorette In 2021 In the TikTok video, Rachel and Clayton sit next to each other on a couch, his arm casually wrapped around the back of where she’s sitting.

It was quite a shock for fans to see the two on such friendly terms, considering how their relationship ended. Clayton and Rachel met when she was a contestant on his season. The virgin, which was filmed in the fall of 2021 and aired in early 2022. Rachel was one of Clayton’s last three women. Gabby Vande And Susie Evans, and he told all three that he loved them. However, during his fantasy sweet date with Susie, everything falls apart. After he tells Susie that he loves her, Clayton also admits to sleeping with both Gabby and Rachel in the fantasy suite. It was not okay for Susie to tell Clayton that he loved her after he had already been intimate with two other women.

Rachel and Clayton attend the same event separately. (Shutterstock)

They get into a huge fight, Clayton accuses Susie of being the deal breaker before her, and Clayton sends Susie home. When he fills Gaby and Rachel in on what happened, they are both devastated that he can tell three different women that he loves them. However, Clayton convinces both Gabby and Rachel to stay, and they even meet their parents before the final rose ceremony.

But, at this point, Clayton’s heart was still mostly with Susie, and since she hadn’t left to go home yet, they reunited and he confessed his feelings for her. Susie agrees to give Clayton another shot, and she ends up breaking things off with Gabby and Rachel. Both women were upset, but also angry, because Clayton had persuaded them to stay, only to turn around and throw them away. When they reunited several months after filming ended, both Rachel and Gabby were still angry at Clayton, and he left to star in Season 19. Bachelorette While both Gabe and Rachel got engaged on the show, their relationship ended just months after their proposals. Meanwhile, Clayton and Susie leave the show separately, but eventually get back together and date for several months before breaking up.

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