‘The Bachelor’s Rachel Recchia & Clayton Echard Reunite & Fans Wonder What’s Going On

Rachel Ritchie And Clayton Eichard Rachel’s latest Tik Tok video has sparked speculations that they are giving their love another chance. Former Bachelorette And Bachelor The stars sat next to each other while hanging out with Clayton’s other ex and ex. Bachelorette The star Michelle Young, in the clip, which was shared on February 1. The two women also lip-synced to a track called “Going On.”


♬ Explaining this will give us both an aneurysm – Ruthie.gomez

“Are you going to tell us what’s going on?” Michelle asked Rachel sitting in the chair next to her and Clayton as she held up a glass of yellow drink. “I would, but I think explaining that might make us both bloody sick,” Rachel replied as the camera panned out and showed Hunk sitting next to her on a couch.

In addition to Rachel’s sizzling video, Clayton posted a video on his Instagram story and revealed that he’s been hanging out with her. Kellyanne Miller Keys, Black Horstman And Gianina Gabelli. “Hi guys! It’s me hanging with my friends,” he said before panning the room. “Small Breakfast Action.”

Rachel dated Clayton in the past. (JA/Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)

Once the reality star exes shared the videos, fans were quick to respond and ask if they were back together, but neither of them confirmed or denied their romantic status. “What is happening?” asked one of Rachel’s followers, while another wrote, “I was seriously Rachel’s team on Clayton’s season, I thought the chemistry they had was more than just a relationship 😭😭.”

Rachel and Clayton’s latest hangout comes after the two hit the spotlight on their dating reality shows. Clayton came in eighth on Mitchell’s season Bachelorette in 2021 and became the star of the next season. The virgin. Thirty women, including Rachel, competed to be the woman who stole his heart during the January 2022 broadcast, and Rachel made it to her hometown date. During Fantasy Suites, Clayton infamously kills the other three women (Rachel, Gabby Vande And Susie Evans) that he loved them. When Susie leaves the show, Clayton continues to pursue Rachel and Gabby, only to be heartbroken when Susie returns to give him another chance. Clayton and Susie left the show as a couple, but not engaged.

Clayton Eichard
Clayton previously dated Rachel. (JA/Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)

Clayton and Susie broke up amicably in September 2022. Rachel also moved on to become the co-lead in the next season. Bachelorette And accepted a proposal from Tino Franco. They split late last year shortly after it was revealed that he had cheated on her.

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