The continuing trend of violence must stop, says Mobile Mayor after the Ladd-Peebles shooting


Responding to an incident in which at least four people were injured in a shootout during a Friday night high school football game at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, the mobile mayor said “there must be a constant trend of violence.”

“The continuing trend of violence in our community, especially among young people, must stop,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said in a statement released Saturday. “I am confident that MPD will track down those responsible for last night’s shooting and hold them accountable for their unnecessary and senseless actions. Our thoughts and prayers [with] Families and students who have been injured in this act of thoughtless violence and who have been disrupted overnight. “

As of Saturday evening, police have not named the suspect or the victim. However, the Mobile Police Department has released a photo showing three men described as “suspects of interest” and asked the public to help identify them. Anyone with information is asked to call 251-208-7211 or submit a suggestion at

Security precautions in the stadium have been enhanced by the shooting of a separate game time at the stadium two years ago. At the time, those measures always included monitoring the security field, sidewalk, entryway and concession stand, and assurances that students must show their ID to enter.

“We are using all of the resources of the Gulf Coast Technology Center, which includes 42 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, to ensure security at future high school football games at Ladd-Peebles Stadium,” Stimpson said. “I have evaluated the current security protocols in the parking lot for officers of the Mobile Police Department and the GCTC and have complained about failure. They are looking at what steps need to be taken to improve the security of the stadium and the long-term solutions needed to prevent individuals from coming to these events. We are in close contact with Superintendent Cresal Threadgill.

The school system has not issued any significant statement on the incident, but said on Saturday that “our thoughts are with the victims of the Friday night shootings. This is something that should never be said in a high school football game. We are investigating with the Mobile Police Department and making any necessary changes to our security protocols.

In May, the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners proved its plan to build new stadiums in five schools, leaving Murphy to be the only high school to use Ladd-Peebles.

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