The Denver airport job fair hopes for 5K visitors – only 100 people arrived


Denver International Airport is expecting a discounted job fair this weekend with 5,000 enthusiastic prospects. But only about 100 people came in, stressing the staffing struggles companies face across the country.

“We have a very high goal to see 5,000 people show up today,” said Denver Conditioners Association (DCA) President Dennis Deslongchamp told ABC7, Who helped organize the event at the United Club at Empower Field in Mile High.

DeslongChamp said Saturday’s event was attended by only 100 people.

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The job fair aims to help fill nearly 1,000 openings at the airport for jobs in shops, restaurants and other businesses. Those openings must be filled quickly as discounts return to normal operating hours from November 1.

“We’ve got something from entry-level positions to the top executive management available here,” said Deslongchamp.

Skyport Hospitality alone has the opportunity to fill more than 150 openings.

Denver International Airport interiors with tourists, shops and restaurants. The Teflon-coated fiberglass roof is one of the key architectural features. (Interior of Denver International Airport with tourists, shops and restaurants. IStock (iStock / iStock)

“We are in such a shortage of staff. We are grateful for just five, but we are looking to hire more than 150 people,” said Elisa Llama, Human Resources Director at Skyport Hospitality.

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“We were expecting the masses to knock on our door,” said Derrick Mortensen, director of international operations for concessions.

Concessions International Airport has eight concession locations, including a restaurant like Chick-fil-A, and is looking to fill 38 jobs. But only two have applied, ABC7 reported.

“These are just so many brick-and-mortar jobs, brick-and-mortar positions, and just a change in where it’s possible to make an income,” Mortensen said. “Once in brick and mortar operations … it’s tough to fill the vacancies.”

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The job fair consisted of about 170 concessionaires, and Deslongchamp said he would like to see prospective recruits get the opportunity to get career resources and a coronavirus vaccine. He said the airport will continue to hold job fairs despite the low turnout.

File photo: Passengers wearing protective masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (Kovid-19) return to their luggage at the airport in Colorado, USA on November 24, 2020. (lbl)

“We’re hoping to make it an annual event,” he said.

Other retailers and restaurants across the country have been struggling to find employees in recent months, causing some stores to close permanently or reopen operation times.

A restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri, announced on Facebook last week that it has been closing its doors forever since its staff could not be found in 46 years of business.

Another New Jersey restaurant owner, Jason Kramer of Do-Wop Drive-In, has been taunting and blaming himself on LBL for the past month Extended Unemployment Benefits For lack of willing workers.

“It got worse. We’ve been struggling all summer, and I feel bad for every restaurant owner, bar owner. It’s bad,” Kramer told “Fox & Friends.” In September.


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