The Fort Worth School District offers a ‘Critical Race Theory’ course for teachers


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The Fort Worth, Texas, Public School District has insisted that its schools do not teach Critical Race Theory, but the document and videos indicate that the school district has embraced the core principles of CRT in its teacher training and practice, providing teachers and staff. One class introduces them to “critical race theory.”

“Superintendent and bureaucratic students are blacking out students by teaching them that color is everywhere, American oppression and white supremacy are everywhere,” Carlos Turcios, a young activist who spent four years organizing parental protests, told LBL on Monday. “Last time I checked, critical race theory doesn’t help children learn how to pay bills, pay their taxes, or pass that job interview.”

Turcios has cited several examples of the implementation of the Fort Worth Independent School District CRT – a framework for reconstructing elements of society for the discovery of systemic racism under the surface.

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Turcios “pointed to the direct reference of the CRT.Overview of ServicesIn September 2020, Fort Worth ISD’s Department of Equity and Excellence provided. The document describes the presentation of a virtual course for “professional development” in “Fort Worth ISD: An Introduction to Critical Race Theory (CRT).”

The course offers a working understanding of “Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its central principles”, including “The Perpetuation of Racism, Whiteness as an Asset,” and “Criticism of Liberalism.” It provides “an understanding of the local nature of racism and white supremacy in its establishment and present to US society” and “the ability to read, understand and apply the CRT as an analytical tool in their current roles.”

“As a culminating activity, participants develop their own racial equity strategic plan and move more deeply into critical self-reflection and work to implement their plan in participants’ current roles, ”the course description reads.

Overview of Fort Worth ISD Equity and Excellence in Services

Turcios has also shared a video taken by him 2019 Fort Worth ISD Ethnic Equity Summit, In which an instructor voluntarily tells the attending staff and teacher, that each finds a ribbon that matches his or her racial identity: “You go to sessions with everyone who identifies with your race.” This is in line with the schedule of the event, which divides the discussion into “ethnic affiliation groups.”

And they shared a zoom video of the 2020 racial equity summit, in which an instructor discusses “internal racism,” through which we “internally believe that the white supreme is and we need a continuous process to rid ourselves of this colonial mentality.” She quotes James Baldwin as “the little white man we all have.” (The full video of the session appears Facebook here.).

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In another 2020 racial equity summit video, Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Dr. Drs. Kent Paredes Scribner celebrates the various “achievements” the district has had since the COVID-19 epidemic began. He discusses “racism and equity policy,” which “constitutes institutional racism through our system, so we are recognizing that it exists here in Fort Worth ISD.” And he mentions “looking forward to our conversations” on a variety of topics, including “the introduction of critical race theory.” (Full video, including his remarks Here.).

In May, a Fort Worth ISD spokesman Told LOVEBYLIFE 4 The district has no plans to include CRT in its school curriculum. A spokesman said no courses were offered to students at CRT, although the district offers courses in African American and Mexican American history.

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“All of this has allowed us to build a toxic environment where thousands of soldiers are ‘locked and loaded’, where parents are docked, an atmosphere of bullying, an atmosphere of elitism and an atmosphere of failure,” Turcios said. “The superintendent should resign and several directors should resign.”

Turcios pointed to the shocking statistic that only 28% of third- and eighth-grade students had reached grade level. State of Texas assessments Educational preparation math and reading tests.

YouTube screenshot of Malik Austin at the Fort Worth School Board Meeting.

YouTube screenshot of Malik Austin at the Fort Worth School Board Meeting.
(Fort Worth ISD)

Miriam Cole, a former school nurse at Fort Worth ISD, who has two grandchildren in public schools, told LBL that Scribner “is only 100% in the CRT.”

Cole said he is organizing parents in an effort to replace Scribner and school board members. Despite Fort Worth’s low reading levels, Scribner noted that when he started as superintendent in 2015, he focused on transgender bathroom policies.

The current Fort Worth ISD employee and parent of a Fort Worth Public Schools student told LBL that the Equity and Excellence division is “definitely pushing critical race theory,” but the employee said, “I’m not sure how much it will sneak into the classroom.”

Fort Worth ISD declined to comment on LBL’ request for comment, saying Scribner was on Thanksgiving week vacation. School board members did not respond to requests for comment.

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth Independent School District
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