The Grinch police ticketed Santa Claus riding a sleigh:

Someone made a naughty list – and surprise, it’s someone who made the naughty list!

Santa Claus-ed in the UK is a great sight when he gets ticketed for driving his sleigh on a pedestrian zone to hand out Christmas presents and raise money for charity.

Mick Worrall, 75, donned a Santa suit to spread Christmas cheer in Worcester, England on Saturday. After stopping his sled pulling his tricycle, he had a rough exchange with the traffic warden.

A party-goer refused to accept a $75 fine, telling Grinchy police to “deploy it to the North Pole.”

“I will not let the children go. I enjoy putting smiles on kids’ faces,” Worrall told SWNS.

Santa was fined for driving in a “traffic free zone”.
Jake Fox / SWNS

“I’m a little disappointed, but it won’t stop me. I have been doing this for many years, – said the great grandfather.

“I refused to take the ticket. “I told the supervisor, ‘Mail it to my address,'” he joked. “Where is he?” said. I said, “The North Pole.”

Stuart Hackett, a friend of Worrall, witnessed the hilarious exchange.

“There have to be rules, but it’s Christmas time,” noted Hackett, who was dressed as a Christmas tree at the time.

“They have to wait for someone to come as Father Christmas to get people into the festive spirit. I would like them to cancel the ticket,” he added.

Worrall said he has driven his sled for years without any problems.
Worrall said he has driven his sled for years without any problems.
Jackie Worrall / SWNS

Worrall said if he had to, he would put on a Santa suit and challenge the ticket in court.

“I don’t pay a penny in fines when I’m raising money for charity,” he said.

The poor chap was ticketed for driving in a “traffic-free” zone, which he insists is not the case.

“I crawled into my parking lot at 2 miles an hour before handing out holiday gifts,” she said, adding that she’s done that for years.

His friend Stuart Hackett witnessed it all.
His friend Stuart Hackett witnessed Grinchy’s exchange.
Jake Fox / SWNS

“Last year a policeman took a picture with me,” he added. “Maybe the traffic warden was having a bad day or just being a Scrooge, but at least it was impossible to tell.”

The terrifying incident between the policeman and Worrall was caught on camera by schoolboy Jake Fox, whose uncle had brought him to the town center for a holiday.

“I told the traffic warden: ‘You can’t do that!’ Santa is doing a good job,” the 12-year-old boy recalled, adding that he initially thought it was a set-up as many people gathered around the car.

“But the traffic warden went around the back of the car to take pictures of the number plates,” he said. “Santa yelled, ‘You’re going on the naughty list!’ Many people say, “You can’t do that to Santa!” He was angry.”

A Worcester City Council spokesman confirmed the fine was issued for “driving in a pedestrian zone” but declined to comment further to SWNS.

Worrall reportedly raised thousands of dollars to dress up as Santa. This year, she heads the children’s charity New Hope Worcester, which works with families with disabled children who need health care.


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