The incredible Daniel Jones may have said it all to the catch giants


You are Daniel Jones.

Your recipients for this day are named Slayton, Pettis, Johnson, Ross, Engram and Rudolph.

Your blockers today are Pierret, Hernandez, Price, Skura and Solder.

As a franchise quarterback, your mandate seems to be Mission Impossible: elevate everyone’s game on your ship, and somehow lift your team to the finish line.

Against all odds, Daniel Jones found a way.

And when the Giants finish 25, the Panthers 3, you can imagine the chances when Kadarius Tony and Kenny Golladay and Sterling Shepard and Saquon Barkley and Andrew Thomas are all healthy.

Because if Daniel Jones can only thrive with his arm, his legs and heaven with his right hand and right hand in this day, he can make a real promise that he is more than ready to take it. Take that next step and become the franchise quarterback of this franchise, fugged on someone else.

“QB1, RB1, wide receiver today,” Logan Ryan said.

Of course Daniel Jones needs help, and he gets it:

It showed some pride and struggle with the defense of the angry old-fashioned giants, and brutally refused to establish the mark for the quarterback (six sacks) and Matt Rule for the running game (56 yards) and sent Sam Darnold to the bench in the fourth quarter.

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones made an incredible one-handed catch in the Giants ’win over the Panthers on Sunday.
Robert Sabo (2)

From an unlikely source: confused play-caller Jason Garrett, he dialed a play that awakened Giants fans from their sleep and electrified the home team and sideline.

The fish did not stink from head to toe.

For once, it wasn’t stinking.

Giants 2-5, and eventually Giants fans can stick around and Jones took a couple of knees from the win structure and stuck to this belief in parking lots:

We’re not dead yet.

Jones (23-of-33, 203 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 8-28 rushing, 1-16 receiving!) Is not dead if he dominates the opposing quarterback like he did Sunday. A formula that does not involve any trading and complimentary football from Big Blue.

A game call, a game, a catch from Jones changed everything.

And for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, a roar erupted from the stands and you heard:

“Let’s go to the G-ants … Let’s go to the G-ants … Let’s go to the G-ants.”

At the time, in the middle of the third inning, the Giants 5, Panthers 3, Carolina 48 felt like before.

Devonte Booker took the handoff, gave the ball to Dante Pettis, who was running right, he looked down … Jones.

“I thought Jason and the staff did a great job early in the week to figure out how we were going to play this game,” Joe Judge said.

Let Jones use his legs, let him roll to the right and run or throw accurately when moving against fast and aggressive defenses.

“I thought it was a good project,” Jones said.

Jones isn’t Lamar Jackson, or Jim Tharp, but you bet Eli Manning on him in a decathlon. They give you the jersey special option.

“[Quarterbacks coach] Jerry Shuplinsky pulled it out of the vault this week, but not as he invented the play, “the judge said.

It was a 16-yard catch, and after six plays, Jones returned to Pettis with a 5-yard TD pass, and it was the Giants 12, the Panthers 3.

Jones did not even remember receiving a pass at the high school. He laughed at Duke as he said: “It was a very unethical way to get there.” He smiled and said: “He threw it out for me and tried to pull it inside.”

He worked with intermediate success in drama. Jones actually made a case to hold a hand.

Daniel Jones is all smiles after the Giants win.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

“I think it’s a good throw,” Jones said. “I don’t think the path is too good, and I don’t think I’m moving too fast. And I’m on the other end of it … I get angry at the boys. I did the same thing there.”

Pettis – who wears Odell Beckham Jr.’s old 13 jersey – recalled throwing a TD pass at the University of Washington.

“I thought he slowed down a bit, and it was a no-no, you know? Pettis said, and smiled.

It ended with a yes-yes, and Jones eventually got a good shot from safety Sean Chandler.

“I’m not surprised. That guy is an athlete,” said Graham Gano. “He’s holding a hand catch, right? It was great. He should get his still shot and sign it.”

The Giants found a way to win.

“We believe in who we are as a team, what we do as a team and where we are going,” Jones said.

The franchise quarterback gives the franchise trust.



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