The last absurd mistake of sports: Graffiti

Welcome to another nonsensical event in the sports single series “As the World Burns”.

In today’s episode, NFL boss Roger Goodell and MLB boss Rob Manfred return home to find covered in graffiti painted by uninvited vandals.

Still, both are very excited about the new free paint job, but knowing the latest marketing plans for their leagues – providing their sport with cities to decline and decline – has paid off.

But first and foremost, our sponsors, these are the words of the official experts of the tax return for ANTIFA by the leading companies Spray-It-All and Riot-Rite on aerosol paints …

Why are we left to ask again? What is the downside? Who is the purpose of the sale? What is the message? Why should we strive for something that makes us lower and lower? Why is common sense and morality being devalued?

This year’s NFL project, hosted by Goodell, featured a graffiti-themed scene, presumably leaving statues by municipal buildings, residences, homes, schools, houses of worship, and vandals in celebration of a city occupied by “protesters”. , most of them paint with sprays to emphasize their culture.

Since Fox was open to the Red Sox-Yanks game on Saturday (narrated by a strict poet / rapper), then all excuses were removed before the first field and throughout the game: baseball and shot graffiti bo ‘ should be combined in visceral impulses, a pleasant synonym.

It’s “Hooray for Vandalism!” telecast.

Roger Goodell and the NFL used a graffiti-themed background during this year’s NFL draft.
Roger Goodell and the NFL used a graffiti-themed background during this year’s NFL draft.

Topps baseball cards were provided with full attention and compliment by the “street artist” who showcased a box of colorful spray paints as part of the “Project”. Graffiti images were taken before the half-in ads.

The Yankees ’“ NY ”logo can be seen spray-painted on the building’s walls. Baseball cards from the famous former Yankees and Red Sox are decorated with graffiti. Thurman shared a photo of a graffiti-covered NYC subway car on a Munson card – a big expense for taxpayers to remove for quality of life.

During a television broadcast, the car’s commercial featured a picture of a family opening food, probably in their neighborhood – in front of a graphite-covered building.

Another acronym for advertising is that it includes game events mixed with a video of someone spray-painting a wall.

The Yankee stadium was not decorated with graffiti – for now. As a sign of love for the game, it’s time to start working on it with the “street art” label.

Like the overturning of bats and gambling, it was another hopeless blow to easily sell baseball to a younger audience, especially those who were brought up in a bad mood, those who felt so weak and misguided.

(As for the involvement of the kids, according to Manfred’s empty promise, all three Red Sox-Yankees games were also held at night – for TV money).

Yep, baseball, and urban vandalism – you can’t enjoy one without the other. Perhaps the Topps performer returned home to find that he was scattered with “street art.”

Unanswered answers are still evolving in MLB

Stirring the empty bowl: Ryan Rukoco, Michael Kay’s usual filler since the start of the Yankies-Twins on Wednesday, sold his desire to witness a bloodbath. Geritt Cole, who is accused of illegally treating baseball, was about to face defendant Josh Donaldson.

In the first, after Cole beat Donaldson, Ruokko shouted, “Round 1 belongs to Cole!”

In Minnesota, next to Ruokco, both called games, next to a TV monitor, David Cohn said, “And in the end, if I make a mistake, correct me, jump a little bit [by Cole] and perhaps a look at Donaldson. “

Neither live shooting nor repetitive shots showed, not even anything close. Soon after, Rookko announced that it was true that Donaldson was angered by Cole after this blow.

While we’re here, Cole joins the list of high-level MLB successes who find it difficult to speak plain English after being asked if illegal activities contributed to their success.

If you remember, Mark McGwire, who was questioned by Congress about steroid use, played dumb. Sammy Sosa suddenly realized that he could no longer speak English, that he couldn’t even understand the normal type, funny.

On Tuesday, Cole could not answer yes or no to questions from reporters as to whether he used illegal substances on his pitching fingers. He gave wrapped and non-running answers.

Student Mike Natal, Lake Worth, Fla .: “Please help. My English translator program from Geritt Cole couldn’t understand what he was saying. ”

Don’t be shocked if a California nun confesses to being guilty of stealing more than $ 800,000 to secure her gambling addiction. Neither the disease nor the gambling establishments discriminate until something emerges.

Gamblers Anonymous members will tell you that you need life advocates of all kinds, including medical, financial, political, and spiritual, in meetings you never imagined.

Exciting inconsistencies can be heard on WFAN on Saturday morning, where conditionally released sick gambler Craig Carton leads a program dedicated to suffering, thoughtful, clean, sensitive, for entertaining reasons, even entertaining hosts the show.

Still, his participation in the WFAN workday turns into a bottom-up shock-shock, played on by a rough slogan, relying on socially vulnerable or corrupt listeners.

After the first close call was given an endless repetition treatment to support the bad call that appeared on Tuesday, the Mets ’television voice, Gary Cohen, was received through second thoughts in the slow motion and freezing range. nggi expressed a legal opinion about the dubious decision.

Cohen missed a bigger point. From the outset, MLB’s repetitive rules were mainly used for microscopic review of calls that were never intended to be reviewed – games that stopped the cold. Like MLB in general, the rule remains stupid, and in stupidity it remains.

Buffert’s excuses for the ban are running out

In a two-year ban on renowned coach Bob Buffert after Derby winner Medina Ruh became his last drug-free offspring, Churchill Downs gave his dark comedy “extraordinary excuses”. “Emergency Excuses” is a great name for a racehorse.

After Brock Nelson’s first goal in destroying the Bruins’ Islanders (“How are these islands fighting?”) Team on Wednesday, NBCSN’s Joe Micheletti made his way to Clyde Frazier with a pipeline that Nelson is skating and creating received.

The Nets ’Kevin Durant is another college guy (Texas) who can’t express himself openly without flair. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, in one way or another, needs to let us know how he is behaving and how he is dealing with such behavior.

Post sports commentator Joe Valerio, then longtime producer of ESPN’s Sports Correspondents, died of cancer last month at the age of 71.

The Mavericks ’loss to the Clippers on ABC / ESPN on Sunday showed Dallas’ 7-yard-3 Kristaps Porzingis was walking away from the attack during the game. He finished 0-for-5 in 3 points. 92 3s were scored in the 1st game of the Clippers-Jazz. Basketball? Of course, no matter what.

Once upon a time there was a man from Nantucket,

To whom the shirt called UNTUCKit was presented.

With the abolition of pandemic rules,

He tried on the dress he had been given,

He couldn’t pull it off to find it.


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