The “marijuana palace,” which has become a stoning paradise, will sell for $ 44 million

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Well, that’s the noise.

This 50,000-square-foot building in Brentwood, one of Los Angeles’s five specialized “marijuana towers,” is equipped with a roof and garden, turning it into a rock-and-roll paradise.

However, the marijuana plants were removed before it was closed at the request of the new owner, a spokesman for listing brokers told The Post, although the house’s rocky delights have been preserved.

According to the press release, the lower part of the 10,000-square-foot roof was provided with six cannabis plants cared for by a special budtender.

Ammo “[the buyer] he didn’t want it, so it was removed before it closed, ”the spokesman told The Post.

The seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom home was sold Friday to former CEO of Soros Fund Management, financier Jeff Feinberg, for $ 44 million, not to mention developer Ramtin Ray Nostrati, whose passion for holiday medicine.

Nostrati said the cannabis smoking rooms will be a new smoking room. This house is one of five “marijuana towers” ​​he built for active and retired athletes looking for “at home, anti-inflammatory drugs”. TMZ reported in 2018.

This Brentwood Palace has a new meaning
This Brentwood Palace gives a new meaning to “green” real estate.
Simon Berlin; SOCIETY group
This 55,000-square-foot mega-compound has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms and a 10,000-square-foot attic.
This 55,000-square-foot home has seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a 10,000-square-foot attic.

“I built and designed this house with the idea that you will be on vacation every day while you live here. I wanted to bring the resort’s inspiration to life in a residential building you never wanted to leave, ”Nostrati told The Post.

Even without the 420 attraction, the Brentwood Oasis was the biggest sale from Feinberg’s Hidden Hills home, selling it for $ 14.6 million. Jeffrey Star, who influenced YouTube’s makeup At the end of 2019.

And it still offers plenty of greenery with a vegetable garden, a moss wall, a cactus garden and golf greens, the spokesman said.

Cucumbers and carrots

On top of all these amenities, there is also a basketball court called Kobe Bryant.
In addition to these amenities, the home also has a basketball court called Kobe Bryant.
Simon Berlin; SOCIETY group
The house is filled with pictures of Magic Johnson, Karem Abdul Jabar, Dr. J, and Michael Jordan.
The court has pictures of Magic Johnson, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. J and Michael Jordan.

At the bottom of the roof is a full bar, outdoor fireplaces, patio patios and a vegetable garden with carrots, cucumbers and a gardener.

The 30,000-square-foot outdoor space includes an illuminated endless pool, jacuzzi, bar, theater-sized outdoor movie screen, pizza oven, cobana, dining area, grassy living areas and at least four outdoor fireplaces.

The palace also has a basketball court named Kobe Bryant with pictures of Magic Johnson, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. J and Michael Jordan. It opens to a seating area and a large indoor gym.

The home theater is a Rolls-Royce inspired by an optical fiber starlight ceiling that creates a fantastic starry sky.
The home theater is inspired by the Rolls-Royce fiber optic starlight ceiling.
Simon Berlin; SOCIETY group
The 10-car garage has a barber shop, a lounge and a digital wall with nine screens.
The 10-car garage has a barber shop, a lounge and a digital wall with nine screens.

A 1.26-hectare plot of land is set up and offers a guarded sanctuary and guest house. According to the list, the blocked road leads to an indoor driveway and a steep semicircular ramp leading to a 10-car garage.

Through the glass walls of the garage, a digital wall with nine screens, Kobe Bryant paintings, a marble floor with a bar and barber shop area opens into a hall, photos are displayed.

The home theater is a Rolls-Royce snack bar and is inspired by an optical fiber star light ceiling.

On Friday, it was sold to former CEO of Soros Fund Management, financier Jeff Feinberg for $ 44 million.
On Friday, it was sold to former CEO of Soros Fund Management, financier Jeff Feinberg for $ 44 million.
The water wall is depicted on a light wooden staircase and a glass grille.  The cactus garden can be seen below.
The house also has a third type of greenery – a three-hole green with a 360-degree view – a room for sports simulators, an indoor jet pool with a waterfall, and a couples massage room.
Inside, closed
At the base of the moss’s “living wall” is a staircase with a cactus garden.
Simon Berlin; SOCIETY group

Moss, cacti and golf greens – oh!

Inside, a closed “living wall” of moss supports a three-story staircase with a 26-foot chandelier that descends into a cactus garden at the bottom of the stairs. In front of the base is a bar and 250 bottles of wine with a taste.

The staircase leads to a 22-foot floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace living and dining area with a 1,000-gallon aquarium, bar, two kitchens and at least one of 22 indoor fireplaces.

The amenities include three holes with a 360-degree view, which also includes a 13-game wooden sports simulator room, a couple’s massage room, and an indoor jet pool with a waterfall.

Branden and Ryan Williams from Beverly Hills Estates, Shauna Walters and Sally Forster Jones from Compass and Matt and Josh Altman from Douglas Elliman were listed.


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