The Nets don’t blame James Harden for his struggles over the repression of NBA rules


With Kyrie Irving, the Nets need James Harden to be Superman on a regular basis. And now the NBA’s rule changes are his kryptonite.

Harden struggled through Sunday’s 111-95 home-opening defeat to the Hornets with a scary game, scoring 15 points, but making a staggering eight turnovers. And while both Harden and head coach Steve Nash have admitted that they are the poster boy for the rule changes that draw fouls from unnatural moves, he said he cannot take control of them.

“He has to stick with it. But they are very careful and conscious and they are still the poster child of these new decisions – I understand, there is a line, but some of them are still foul. So, he has to stick with it, he has to keep going to the basket and do what he does. ”

Harden has averaged 8.7 free-throw attempts in his career and 7.3 attempts last season with the Nets. But they are only three thirds of the season so far, having one on Sunday.

James Harden argues with the referee when he loses to the Hornets on Sunday.
Corey Sipkin

“Yeah, they think the new rules are going to make a lot of things not foul. So we have to play through it and don’t worry about the refs and come back and compete,” Bruce Brown said of the significant change in how he deals with Harden.

“Yeah sure [I’m the poster boy], But I’m not the type to complain about it. I ask every officer, if they see a foul, call a foul. Sometimes I feel like coming into a game, it’s already predetermined or I get the stigma of getting foul calls, ”Harden said. “But I would ask the officers to call what they saw.

“I can’t stop playing basketball. I mean, any league is a foul.

Part of it comes from time. Hamstring problems forced him to spend the offseason rehab rather than play, which hurt his conditioning.

“I’m regaining my confidence,” Harden said. “I was a little hesitant. You can see it. I have had a lot of ups and downs over the last year and then come back to a healthy camp and make sure my conditioning is where it needs to be. Make sure my confidence is growing.

“That’s important. We are [at] Game 3. My confidence grows and continues to get better as the games progress and I feel more confident and get the pace I normally used to. No worries. ”

The Nets will play the other half of Monday’s game against the izards, so they put together Blake Griffin on Sunday. Both Griffin and Durant are expected to play Monday.

Former Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie returns to the Barclays Center with the Wizards on Monday. He suffered a torn ACL in his third game last season and never played again for the Nets, who traded him to Washington in the offseason.



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