The new Adobe, Major League Baseball partnership can change how you enjoy baseball


He believes Adobe and the Major League Baseball partnership will change the way fans experience national pastime.

On Tuesday, Adobe and MLB announced plans for the sports league to adopt cloud services, including Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud, from Tech.

So why should fans of MLB baseball care work with Adobe? Both units say that controlling the Adobe software will help fans get more involved in the sport.

Possible ways to use MLB Adobe Tech are: loyalty programs that reward discounts at ballpark notifications or when fans watch baseball games or buy their team’s favorite gear.

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“The Adobe platform provides us with the basic capabilities to move in that direction so that we can understand who our customers are and create a system that rewards that kind of loyalty,” said Chris Marinak, chief operating officer and CEO of MLB. Strategy officer, during the interview.

MLB is already experimenting with tech for fans of games with its Ballpark app. Users can hold digital tickets in the app, view Concours maps and food and beverage menus, or create photos and videos with MLB camera lenses, like social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat.

The goal behind the partnership is to help fans get involved whether they are in the game or watching from home. For example, if a fan’s favorite team is in town, they can receive an alert about the next game, access to services like to watch from home if they choose.

“The expansion of the partnership allows MLB to bring some real personal experiences to fans, made possible by millions of fan profiles built in real time,” said Anil Chakraborty, Adobe’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Experience Business and Field Operations worldwide. , In a statement.

Marinac said MLB will roll out Adobe Tech over time, with plans to introduce new experiences to fans next year and later.

“We are targeting a number of new strengths early next season, then we will gradually ramp up over the course of the next season and do many more,” Marinak said.

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