‘The new AOC:’ Gen-Z Rep. calls border wall a ‘monument of fear,’ like a ‘sad, decaying Soviet statue’

Rep. Maxwell Frost, D-Fla., compared the border wall to a “Soviet statue” during a debate on the border crisis on Tuesday. was mocked on Twitter.

The House Oversight Committee convened for a hearing titled “On the Front Lines of the Border Crisis: A Hearing with Chief Patrol Agents.” Discussions focused mainly on the problem of fentanyl after reports of an increase in drug seizures at the border.

However, Frost denied that record levels of border crossings contributed to the fentanyl crisis and attacked the border wall as a “monument of horror.”

“My colleagues across the aisle would have us believe that the solution to the fentanyl problem in this country is to discourage both illegal and legal immigration. Therein comes the wall we’ve heard so much about. You know, let’s face it, since we spent 15 billion, again, 15 billion of taxpayers’ money, on this monument to horror, crossings haven’t gone down.

Democrat Maxwell Frost became the first member of Generation Z to be elected to Congress. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

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He also criticized the hearing itself for not focusing on solutions and attacking illegal immigrants.

“You know, during the two-year campaign, we’ve heard about the border, the border, the border, and here we are. And yet, we’re not being solution-oriented. It’s hyperbole and lies. And I want to be. Clearly, and we’ve heard it over and over and I’ll say it again, the situation deserves the attention of this committee because there is a crisis at the border, but the crisis is not a criminal one, it’s a humanitarian crisis,” Frost said. said

Social media users criticized Frost’s comparisons to Soviet monuments, and many attacked the Gen. Z congressman for his apparent ignorance.

‘The Wall’ is like a Soviet statue? Has this child ever heard of the Berlin Wall? It kept people inside. It was a ‘Monument of Fear’. They shot you for trying to escape,” Newsbusters executive editor Tim Graham tweeted.

US Customs and Border Protection reported more than 2.3 million border encounters in fiscal year 2022.

US Customs and Border Protection reported more than 2.3 million border encounters in fiscal year 2022. (Fox News)

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Author Matt Palumbo commented, “People always say we need more young people in politics and then we end up with this and the AOC.”

“We’re in the early stages of decline,” said former congressional candidate Barrington Martin.

Talk show host Joseph Pagliarolo tweeted, “Either he’s completely ignorant.. or lying. You decide. No one on the right is against legal immigration. And the wall that was working ( And biden didn’t finish) 15 bil money for him. Well spent. Someone ask him about the 100B from #Ukraine.”

“Who wants to tell Rep. Frost that he is currently sitting in a building that was fenced off and that the ‘wall’ he talks about was stopped by his party and the current POTUS?” asked American Greatness contributor Sean Waugh.

“The new AOC is proving that reboots never work,” joked former pro wrestler Dale Jackson.

Florida Democrat Congressman Maxwell Frost debates the midterms on "The View."

Florida Democrat Congressman Maxwell Frost debates the midterms on “The View.” (Screenshot/ABC)

Earlier in the hearing, Frost also attacked efforts to “instill fear” of immigrants and emphasized his status as the son of a refugee in contrast.

“You know, it’s unfortunate that this hearing opened with a ton of hyperbole and posturing, saying that President Biden and his administration have created the worst border crisis in American history. This is about oversight. No. It’s about fearmongering immigrants and those seeking asylum.

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