The new law requires the state to show proof of identity to access adult sites

In an effort to protect minors from accessing pornography online, Louisiana lawmakers passed a new law requiring age verification on adult websites.

Law No. 440Effective Jan. 1, the Bayou State now requires residents to provide proof of age with a government-issued ID or digital ID card before accessing online pornography websites.

The document states that pornography is a public health crisis for young viewers, which “contributes to the oversexualization of adolescents and minors and can lead to low self-esteembody image disturbances, increased problematic sexual activity in youth, and increased desire for risky sexual behavior in adolescents.

Pornographic sites must determine whether the viewer is 18 years old or risk prosecution by the state.

Websites that contain at least 33.3% pornographic material must now perform age verification.

Lawmakers in Louisiana passed this law because they believe porn is harmful to people 18 and under.

The law does not say how this percentage is calculated.

Content such as “pubic hair, anus, vulva, genitals, or female breasts” are just some of the main content considered harmful to minors. it is stated in the act.

Pornhub, one of the largest online porn sites on the internet, has launched a pre-authentication page in Louisiana. Vice reported.

“Louisiana law now requires us to implement an age verification process for users connecting to our site from Louisiana,” states Pornhub’s verification page.

Pornhub’s verification page then asks users to verify their age through the app, which includes a digital copy of their driver’s license.

Louisiana Rep. Laurie Schlegel bragged on Twitter last week about the importance of writing the law. “This bill aims to protect children without limiting adults.”

“This legislation had bipartisan support and passed almost unanimously in the House and Senate with nearly 50 co-sponsors, including Democrats and Republicans. This was not a victory for the Republicans, but a victory for the children of Louisiana.”

Not everyone is a fan of the new law, which requires users to provide personal information to access online pornography.

“People in Louisiana have to use their driver’s license to get on pornhub. It’s really wild. It’s under his eyes.” One Twitter user tweeted in response.

“So Louisiana just passed a law where you have to use ID verification to access porn sites. I got out of that fascist state just in time.” another user tweeted.


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