The Ontario Premier will reveal new details on the province’s reopening project


TORONTO – Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said its government is finalizing its plan to “carefully remove current public health measures” and exit the final phase of its resumption.

The Premier expressed these views at a news conference on Friday, which formally announced the launch of the province’s new enhanced COVID-19 vaccine verification application and QR code system.

He said the departure plan will be revealed next week and will provide clear guidelines with dates and timelines to allow businesses and Ontario residents to have a better idea of ​​what to expect in the coming months.

“Work began months ago and we are now finalizing the project. Where and when we may need to reuse the measures, they may need to stop the spread of the transmission,” Ford told reporters Friday.

“The chief medical officer of health is clear. The goal is to avoid future lockdowns, and if additional measures are needed, they will be localized, adjusted, and aimed at limiting disruption to businesses and families.

Knowledge sources for the project told CTV News Toronto earlier this week that the province was working on a three-step post-strategy strategy to remove the capability of transactions requiring vaccine certificates.

Last week, restaurants and bars hit the province after being excluded from the list of places in Ontario.

Ford said the decision came from the provincial health table and Ontario’s chief medical officer, Dr. Kieran Moore, who agreed to withhold further extensions at the time. Ford says a plan for the restaurant industry will be announced next week.

“We are going to restaurants. We are going to come up with a comprehensive plan that will stand the test of time,” he said.

Moore said the province’s plan will contain information about the dates and times of further reopening of the economy.

The new Advanced Vaccine Certificate Program begins today

Premier Ford formally released Ontario’s Kovid-19 Vaccine Verification App and QR Code system on Friday.

Businesses can now download the new free app, but some Ontario residents will not be able to download enhanced certificates with QR codes until this weekend, as it will only be available on the date of birth.

“Together, the Verified Certificate and the Ontario Application make it easier and more secure for Ontarians to show proof of their vaccine,” Ford told reporters Friday.

“From now on, individuals born in January, February, March and April can log into the Ontario Vaccine Portal to download their enhanced certificate, which now includes their official QR code.”

Over the next few days, the province will allow people with post-birth dates to access the portal. The portal will be open to all on October 18th.

Starting September 22, provincial residents will need proof of vaccination to visit some of the unavoidable businesses and services in Ontario.

For about a month, residents have been using Kovid-19 vouchers and government identification to prove their vaccination status, but now they can scan businesses with the new op instead of using the enhanced QR code.

Currently, people need to be completely vaccinated to access gyms, indoor restaurants, theaters, indoor meeting and event venues, sports venues and concert halls.

“[These certificates] That means we have a better chance of avoiding being forced into lockdowns that nobody wants. As the vaccine emerged, we asked Ontarians to come together and you responded again, ”Ford said Friday.

“We are doing well because our approach is built with caution and on the advice of our public health experts. We have seen what is happening in other provinces. It moves quickly and the result is devastating.”



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