The passenger tells the mother that she should not be in first class with the baby

After an airline passenger approached a woman for having her baby in the first class section of the plane, an anonymous mother took to Reddit to ask her if she was wrong to book first class plane tickets for her young child — and people they called. Â

Reddit user One-Criticism5777 addressed the Am I the A-hole subreddit on Saturday, November 26th. She said a male passenger accused her of deliberately sitting in the wrong boarding class – and she left. to call it a pejorative term.

The mother said she and her husband “decided to splurge” on a cross-country flight for Thanksgiving. They booked a first-class ticket for their almost 3-year-old daughter, who was traveling with them.

“We went early because my husband is disabled and when another 1st class passenger saw us, he stared,” wrote One-Criticism5777.

“Shortly after he was seated, a flight attendant came over and asked to see our boarding passes to make sure we were seated correctly. We showed him our boarding passes and he said, “Great, you’re all good.”

The mother was told not to see her child in first grade.
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A second flight attendant reportedly checked the family’s boarding passes before takeoff and determined they were in the correct seats.

Shortly after the flight, One-Criticism5777 said a family caregiver tapped him on the shoulder and claimed that children were not allowed to sit in first class.

According to One-Criticism5777’s meme on Reddit, he said the family should move to their “real seats.”

One-Criticism5777 said her husband was asleep and her daughter was “in the middle of painting” when the confrontation happened.

“I realized she was the one who complained before the flight that we were in the wrong seats and before I got upset I wanted the flight attendants to deal with it,” wrote One-Criticism5777.

“I told him I wasn’t comfortable talking to him and I was calling the flight attendant to sort it out,” he said.

“He was nervous, but in the end he stood awkwardly next to me in the aisle until the flight attendant came to sort things out.”

According to One-Criticism5777, the problem seemed to be resolved when the flight attendant told the male passenger that the seating arrangement was correct and told him not to disturb the family again.

Still, a woman on Reddit claims that when it was time to take off, a male passenger whispered profanities in her ear and then “pays a lot to be surrounded by kids in first class.” said

One-Criticism5777 said he was confused by the man’s aggression because his daughter wasn’t crying or disrupting the plane.

“He sat quietly [played] During the flight, he only got up when he had to go potty,” wrote One-Criticism5777.

An anonymous mother reported that her daughter behaved better on flights because the parents gave her child acetaminophen (a pediatric pain reliever) and water (sodium bicarbonate liquid) to reduce discomfort during the flight, according to the pediatrician . recommendation.

One-Criticism5777 said he thought he was right at first because his daughter “didn’t misbehave or even cry” when they were in first grade; but after talking to other people over the weekend, he said he was left with doubts.

“After talking with family over Thanksgiving, many of them told me we should book economy next time because people pay extra for 1st class vacations,” wrote One-Criticism5777. “Are we really a-holes to fly 1st class with our toddler?”

Fox News Digital has reached out to One-Criticism5777 for comment.

Most Reddit users agreed that One-Criticism5777 did not make a mistake in booking a first class ticket for his daughter.

As of Monday, Dec. 5, the post has gone viral — with over 8,000 upvotes and over 1,600 comments.

“Even if your kid cried, it didn’t matter because you paid and got the seats you paid for,” wrote the post’s top commenter.

“If they don’t want to be around kids/other people – they should fly private.”

“Can we do misogyny too?” said another commenter. “He came closer [the original poster (OP)] while her husband was comfortably asleep and then only hinted at using sexist words towards the OP.

Babies in the first grade: is it allowed?

If some passengers want adults-only flights in hopes of avoiding crying babies or children in general, there are no child-free commercial airlines.

Daniel Levin, director of the Avant Guide Institute (AGI), a New York-based business and consumer trends consulting firm, told Fox News Digital that he doesn’t know of a single airline that “clearly bans children in upper classes.”

The only airline she can think of that has a seating policy is Japan Airlines, which has installed a reservation tool that lets passengers know where babies will sit if they book a trip.

“Their seat map uses a special baby emoji to indicate where the little offenders are, so you can choose to be as far away as possible,” Levin said.Â

“Or close, if you’re really into babies,” he added.

He said most airlines try to reserve rows at the front of the plane for babies in cribs, while families with economy seats are usually placed in the back.

“Look, the truth is, babies cry. That’s what they do,” Levin said.

“No one likes sitting next to crying babies, but there are some tips and tricks you can take to reduce the chances of them yelling into your ear, or worse.”

According to him, “Experienced flyers in all classes travel with earplugs or good noise-canceling headphones.”


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