The plane flew the Confederate flag over Jacksonville to protest the monument’s removal

A plane flew the Confederate flag in downtown Jacksonville on Tuesday morning to protest the removal of the controversial statues. according to reports.

Save Southern Heritage, a group that opposes the destruction of Confederate monuments in the Florida city, said it was responsible for the demonstration.

Banner also told Mayor Lenny Curry, “Curry: stop your hating!”

Republicans have publicly supported removing Confederate statues, but no final decision on removal has been made.

The same organization flew another Confederate banner reading “put back the monuments” over the home of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars during a game last month.

A plane flew the Confederate flag over Jacksonville Tuesday morning.
CBS 47 Action News Jax

“As I said before, there is no place for hate in our city.” “My position on the monuments remains clear, I have provided the money for the removal and I have given the city council the authority to take action.”

When asked about last month’s incident and Kanye West’s message of support at another Jaguars game, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said individual actions don’t define cities.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry.
Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

“I worry when people in the media take victims that nobody cares about and try to elevate them and turn them into some kind of celebrity,” he said.

Jacksonville officials have repeatedly debated the removal of Confederate statues, with some local residents advocating their removal and others arguing for their preservation.


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