The price of Bitcoin is live: the latest updates to BTC as dogecoin and ethereum are down again

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Bitcoin, Ethereum (ether), Cardano (island) and dogecoin are moving higher on Thursday as the rising crypto market is finally showing signs of recovery.

After a few days of calm in early June, the positive news of the addition of dogecoin to Coinbase suddenly rose on Wednesday for a meme-inspired cryptocurrency.

He shot more than a third in a matter of hours and continues to trade above $ 0.40 under calls from the Doge Army’s online rallies to hold his previous high of $ 0.72 to $ 1.

Bitcoin, which has been stuck at $ 34,000 to $ 38,000 in a relatively narrow range since late May, finally pulled out of it on Thursday morning and now wants to try $ 40,000. Ether has seen a similar rise of 4 percent and is now aiming for $ 3,000.

We have all the latest news and updates in the crypto market.


Elon Musk announces crypto-memes

Elon Musk has been reacting to the recent decline in classic fashion – with memes. Overnight, he posted two crypto-themed jokes. (In the evening he saw SpaceX flying.)

I’m not sure what this has to do with bitcoin – or just heartbreak.

Andrew GriffinJune 4, 2021 06:19


After a long day in the crypto market and yesterday’s positive situation – all the major currencies on CoinMarketCap have risen for the first time in a long time – they have fallen again in the last day. All are in red, and the market is down 1.6 percent.

And most things are still green during the week. In the last seven days, any major currency other than bitcoin has made gains, but some of them are more modest than others.

Andrew GriffinJune 4, 2021 06:18


Bitcoin 2021 “the biggest crypto event in history”

“The biggest bitcoin event in history” continues in Miami, with organizers expecting up to 50,000 people to come to the city for the conference.

Bitcoin 2021 was originally scheduled to take place in Los Angeles in April, but had to be canceled due to a pandemic.

Miami will be a very welcoming host, with Mayor Francis Suarez previously expressing a desire to make his city a crypto center. It is even considering ways for citizens to pay their taxes using cryptocurrency.

You can read the full story here:

Anthony KutbertsonJune 3, 2021 5:02 PM


Elon Musk’s opinion fell sharply with the price of bitcoin

Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency-related tweets and comments tend to drive markets in two directions.

When he announced that Tesla would accept payments with bitcoin, prices skyrocketed. When he said crypto payments would no longer be accepted, he collapsed. (Its ability to influence the dogecoin trajectory is even deeper, although this is almost unanimously positive).

A new analysis by the firm that tracks Awario’s sentiment shows that the proportion of positive and negative tweets about Musk fell to a negative level in May, leading to a decline in bitcoin. Following some key words, the online attitude towards the technology billionaire has stopped supporting bitcoin and the market has changed almost at the same time.


This once again demonstrates Musk’s growing influence in space and how fragmented his presence is in its composition.

Anthony KutbertsonJune 3, 2021 at 3:15 p.m.


Want to see the Bitcoin price peak this month?

As the price of Bitcoin approaches $ 40,000, some analysts are hoping that this rise will hit a record high for the rest of the month.

This is a huge optimistic forecast and based only on previous market models, but indicates a general sense of positive mood at the beginning of the new month.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has risen more than 5 percent and hit last week’s high.

Anthony KutbertsonJune 3, 2021 14:17


Positive action will increase the crypto market by more than 6 percent

According to CoinMarketCap, as the experience of any major cryptocurrency has grown over the past day, the overall market is changing: it has now grown by 6.6 percent and now stands at nearly $ 1.8 trillion. .

According to the same tracker, there were also a lot of trades. After a while, for the first time, he got up and was busy.

Andrew GriffinJune 3, 2021 11:26 AM


The crypto market is “green” for the first time in a whole week

In the last 24 hours, the prices of all major cryptocurrencies have risen, while at the same time trading higher than this time last week.

This means that the CoinMarketCap price index is a completely green board for the whole week – this prohibits Tether’s abnormal red mark, but it’s a stable coin, so it’s tied to the U.S. dollar.


Surprisingly, the biggest move of the week will be made by dogecoin, which saw huge growth after Coinbase announced its support on Wednesday. Starting today, Coinbase Pro users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency inspired by memes for the first time.

Anthony KutbertsonJune 3, 2021 at 10:02 p.m.


Ask our experts anything about the current crypto return

After showing the probable signs of a reversal in the market, we gathered two experts to ask your questions about bitcoin, dogecoin and the wider crypto space.

Students Independent blockchain and fintech PR firm YAP Global founder and CEO cryptocurrency expert Samantha Yapga and crypto advocate and founder of the comparison platform Fred Schebesta can ask questions.

Why did this crash happen? Is it a market crash or just a price adjustment? And what changes in the world of DeFi and crypto make them so happy?

Ask your questions by tomorrow (June 3) BST 11:00 and we will give them to our participants. All details can be found here:

Anthony KutbertsonJune 2, 2021 19:44


“Doge Army Rise up”

American snack maker Slim Jim is currently attending a dogecoin price rally and sharing the traffic sign with the words, “Dogs Army Rise Up.”

After the cryptocurrency marched again, there were calls back on social media to raise the price to $ 1.

The Doge Army has so far managed to reduce the market-expected results for 2021, as the rise in stratosphere prices has been almost entirely driven by memes and rocket emojis.

Anthony Portno, the founder of Crypto Traders, tried to explain the incident last month Independent: “Social media has made a significant contribution to the growth of dogecoin … He found the following religion.

“These anti-establishment rebels have become a coin. Yes, it doesn’t make sense as an investment in basic “fundamentals,” but who’s to say who I can invest in? The doge is a two-fingered, rebellious coin that tells you what to do. ”

Anthony KutbertsonJune 2, 2021 16:32


Crypto price forecasts issued by CoinMarketCap

The leading price tracking website CoinMarketCap has released monthly forecasts for 10 popular cryptocurrencies.

The predictions of crowded sources from tens of thousands of CoinMarketcCap users were unanimously positive. SafeMoon seems to have the most buzz around, with an average revenue expected to exceed 80 percent by the end of the month.

Interestingly, the lowest priced cryptocurrency is dogecoin, with an estimated yield of less than 10 percent. Hours after this report was published, dogecoin crossed the $ 0.40 mark and is now approaching $ 0.45.


Anthony KutbertsonJune 2, 2021 14:28

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