The Real Madrid star has reacted horribly to being a snub at the best FIFA awards


Thibaut Courtois has been ruthlessly beaten by FIFA to keep him out of the Best Football Awards nominations.

The Real Madrid star has been ruled out of the nomination for The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper Award.

Alison, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Edward Mendy, Manuel Neuer and Caspar Smichel are in the competition to win the prestigious prize after their outstanding contribution to the club and country this year.

It is not surprising that in the case of Courtois’s exclusion, he did not make a cut from his passionate outburst at UEFA and FIFA.

The Belgian international said: “I amI’d rather win the Champions League and La Liga than win these titles.

Excellent The content doesn’t surprise me because of my comments a month ago, “he added.” I know my worth and it’s more important. “

Speaking after Belgium’s UEFA Nations League match against Italy at the beginning of the year, he accused UEFA and FIFA of prioritizing revenue over players’ welfare.

“This game is just a money game and we have to be honest about it,” the 29-year-old player said.

“We play it because it’s extra money for UEFA.

“Look at how much both teams have changed [line-ups]. If the two teams came to the final, the other players would play in the final.

“It shows that we play a lot of games.”

The Best FIFA Football Awards will be held on January 17, 2022.



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