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By Damian Puul. Deontay Bronze Bomber Wilder (44-1-1-41 KO), a 35-year-old American heavyweight, has had a dramatic career to this day.

From the highest peaks of becoming a world champion in 2015, to the defeat of Tyson’s Tsagai King Fury in 2019. And the aftermath with accusations, accusations and sabotage. In this article, I’ll cover the story of the Wilders and what went wrong!

Deontay Wilder originally aspired to play American football or basketball for his hometown of Alabama Crimson Tide. But in 2005, at the age of 19, the birth of Deontay’s first daughter, who was diagnosed with Spina Bifida during pregnancy, put an end to her college sports career.

IHOP, Red Lobster, and three jobs in beer truck management with very large medical fees. Wilder decided to box to feed his family, and most importantly, his daughter.

“I was just a guy in college, on the basketball team,” he told Sun Online. “I do everything I can for my daughter. He got me into boxing. In January 2015, Deontay Wilder struck out against Canadian WBC champion Bermane Stevens to become the world champion.

This was the first time Deontay could have made 12 rounds against a boxer, at a time when many did not consider him a true or worthy champion because of how he won the WBC belt. Whether it would be an empty belt or not, Bermane was a World Champion anyway. What is surprising during this fight is that Deontay was unable to knock out the slow, predictable Stevens.

Prior to the Stevens fight, Wilder had knocked out all 33 of his opponents, even though he had an uncompromising game. Anyway, Wilder worked hard and became the WBC World Champion. Just like he promised his daughter. “I promised him that one day my dad would be a world champion and I would be able to support him. I was sure I could keep that promise. He inspired me to change my profession. ”

Deontay Wilder is on par with the great Muhammad Ali and will continue his 10 successful title defense. As impressive as it is with so much defense, if you take a closer look at Wilder’s opponents, you’ll discover an amazing story!

1. Erik Molina # 11

2. John Duxaupas is not # 15

3. Aurtur Spilka №10

4. Chris Arreola is not # 15

5. Gerard Washington # 8

6. Bermane boots # 15

7. Luis Ortis # 3

8 Tyson Fury # 2

9. Dominic Breazeale # 4

10. Luis Ortis # 3

As you can see, many of Wilder’s defenses are against the same opponent. In fact, almost half the same, Bermane Stiverne twice, Luis Ortiz Twice and even Tyson Fury twice. But I didn’t include a rematch with Tyson Fury on Deontay’s successful defense list for obvious reasons.

And finally, Wilder’s 1/5 defense didn’t even make it into the top 15! So, as you can all see, Wilder’s defense resume is starting to look a little thin! And that lack of tough opponents would be disastrous in the ranks of the Bronze Bomber later on.

Deontay Wilder failed to sign a mega-fight deal when he rejected a $ 120 million contract from DAZN with British heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua.

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury

And before that, Wilder himself ha’t signed a deal that agreed to $ 15 million from Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom shares. And by 2017, Wilder was demanding a 50-50 split. But I don’t want to go into details about that. Read my previous article on Deontay Wilder holding on to pay for the WBA and heavyweight division.

So Deontay turned his attention to former world champion Tyson Fury, who fell off the rails after defeating the then-legendary Wladimir Klitschko. During the 3 years Tyson was out of the ring, he suffered from depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and was ballooned to £ 300. It seemed an easy win for Wilder and his team against a boxer who thought it was washed away. Providing the perfect way to get 50-50 wallets against Anthony Joshua.

But there is a way in life to throw a pin at the keys! First Wilder et al. Tyson battle. The bronze scorer drew. Many experts said Tyson’s work experience in the ring was superior to Wilders, and the American was easily shown what the Gypsy king should have won. But the rematch was clearer, with Wilder, who was studying at Tyson in each round, throwing a towel until his corner was big enough and he surrendered in the 7th round.

Normally, at this time, many boxers would have analyzed their mistakes, played videos, and learned from their mistakes and improved mistakes. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Deontay Wilder. Instead, he decided to blame everyone and everything, but nothing more than his lack of ability. Going from dismissing former coach Mark Breland and even accusing Mark of flooding. More excuses came from Wilder, for example.

  • The ring walking suit was too heavy,
  • Egg weights in Tyson gloves
  • Tyson’s gloves aren’t wrapped properly
  • The crooked back was a “crab in a bucket.”
  • Bicep was injured during the fight
  • Tyson used illegal kicks from rabbits
  • Give a hand without legs at the beginning of the fight

Wilder argues that he has evidence that Tyson deceived the doctor’s report after the 2nd fight, that his head was tilted to the side, which he could only do with “egg weight.” This proof has not yet seen the light of day!

As for the water splash, the VADA anti-doping agency will clean all the boxes from the presence of suspicious chemicals in the system.
The Ring Walk suit, according to its manufacturers, weighed around 40 pounds, the equivalent of the “training vest” Wilder wore during battle camp.

What about Tyson’s floppy gloves? Most confident boxers can’t see how effective this can be. In fact, most experts point out that a flexible glove does more damage to Tisson and increases Tyson’s risk of breaking his wrist.

Deontay was somehow blaming Ref. I could never support why this was the case. I think he was like the Ref who supported Wilde when he gave Tidon a point without giving him enough warning.

But the last excuse was that Wilder had KOVID and so he tried less, aka dead legs! Although Deontey himself has not yet confirmed this. Although this writer does not believe that any evidence like the doctor’s report will emerge.

Now we’re down 18 months after the 2020 rematch, and I don’t think Wilder has learned anything to be a better full-fledged boxer than his previous fights! In fact, it had the opposite effect. Wilder seems twice as closed and narrow-minded as he was deceived.

At the same time, surrounded by “YES MEN”, he returns to his health with false lies and false legends, telling him what he wants to hear. He was supported by his new coach, Malik Scott. It’s the same Malik Scott that many thought he dived in the 1st round against Deontay in 2014, and it’s the same Malik Scott who thinks he made 8 knockdowns against Luis Ortiz in 2017.

I feel sorry for Deontay Wilder. I really do. There are people around him who aren’t interested in making him a better boxer, just groups that are trying to make him successful. And that’s why I feel like Tyson Fury, along with a number of other boxing fans, will once again bring Wilder to school in a trilogy fight in July 2021. towel support.

My only advice to Deontay Wilder … Consider the story of Anthony Joshua; He managed to overcome the loss to Andy Ruiz by learning from his mistake and adapting his style. Boxing is not an easy sport; it takes time to learn your craft and improve your skills. AJ once said, “You practice; you fight it. It’s not as easy as it seems. “

Deontey, pay attention to Anthony’s words!

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