The seagull tries to tear out the man’s tongue: “Brother, are you crazy – this is not a pigeon”

Have flowers taken your fancy?

A man’s attempt to tease a seagull almost caused the enraged bird to tear out its tongue. Meanwhile, a video of a literal tongue-lashing is making the rounds on the Internet.

The incident began after a restaurant worker picked up the bird in an unknown part of Turkey, CEN reported.

In the jaw-dropping footage, the unidentified bird can be seen holding a brain seagull as it taunts the poor creature. However, his teasing session goes south after he sticks his tongue in a bird – which looks like a protest.

In an instant, the angry fur bag licks a lollipop in its beak and tries to pull it out, infuriating the boy and the videographer.

The restaurant employee is struggling to stick out his tongue to the prisoner.
After Bozo tortures his captive, he literally gets a tongue lash.
Bozo literally dazzles the tongue.

Fortunately, the bird jumped out of the way before he could fully raise his tongue to him. The clip ends with the bewildered young man shaking his head and dumping the prisoner on the pavement before vacating the scene.

Unsurprisingly, the dunderhead became a laughing stock on Turkish social networks.

“Brother, are you crazy? It’s not a pigeon, it’s a seagull,” exclaimed one incredulous commenter, another wrote. “Man, you’re lucky you bit your tongue. It could gouge out your eyeball.”

Meanwhile, one armchair ornithologist advised, “You shouldn’t have opened your mouth so wide, it made you think you were some kind of animal.”

“The guy literally got hurt by the seagull lol,” said another.

Turkish social media chastised the worker for his bird-brained act.
Turkish social media chastised the worker for his bird-brained act.

This is not the first time a seagull has killed someone.

A British woman befriended a wild jackal during the COVID pandemic, only to have the bird turn on her in November, trashing her home and biting her nose. Meanwhile, in other viral video news, in March the monkey “King Kong” brutally attacked a seagull, and animal lovers were outraged online after seeing footage of a seagull being “roasted” in New Zealand last year.

It is noteworthy that in 2020, one person was arrested for drug dealing bit a seagull after trying to steal his Big Mac. Other “stolen” items included a child’s cookies and a bag of chips.


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