The video shows a transgender male hockey player being knocked down by a larger opponent

Shocking footage has emerged of a transgender female player hitting a much smaller transgender male opponent at an NHL-sponsored hockey tournament, causing him to hit the puck face first and suffer a concussion.

Transgender Daniel “Danny” Maki of Minneapolis, who plays for the Rainbow Dash, was injured during the Team Trans Ice Hockey Draft in Middleton, Wisconsin. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

In a clip from last month’s incident, Maki walks onto the ice and is hit by another player, then stops to check on him as other players rush to his side.

“The relationship does not look serious in the video. But the size difference between the players is so big that a woman’s brain is concussed,” said a Twitter user Written by Jean Mazex.

Daniel “Danny” Maki, a transgender man, suffered a concussion after being hit on the board by a much older, transgender female player.
Facebook / Danny Maki
Maki was lying on the ice after being hit by another player
Maki was participating in the Team Trans Ice Hockey Draft in Middleton, Wisconsin when he was injured.
Twitter / @JeanMazeks
Players gather around Maki
He suffered a concussion as well as a muscle strain in the collision.
Twitter / @JeanMazeks

Maki was taken to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion.

It is unclear whether the incident was an accident.

In an article in Quillette’s new online magazine, author Written by Jonathan Kay he noted that when he watched videos from the event, he didn’t notice transgender women deliberately targeting transgender men — but that there were size differences that could pose a threat to some players.

“I don’t know how the teams are drawn,” a source at the track told Kay. “But whatever [fan] I saw that it couldn’t be fair and that someone might get hurt – and someone got hurt.

Trans hockey player Danny Maki
“I had a wonderful time with wonderful people at an exclusive trans draft tournament in Middleton,” Maki wrote after her recovery.
Facebook / Danny Maki
Trans hockey player Danny Maki
In his description of the incident, Maki said he “fell very strangely on the board.”
Facebook / Danny Maki

In his article, Kay highlighted the risk of injury in competitive hockey among biological females, citing studies that showed they had “lower isometric strength (49%), neck circumference (30%), and head mass (43%), resulting in less the degree of stiffness of the head-neck segment (29%).

Maki, who has since recovered, later released a statement that appeared to downplay what happened on the ice.

“I’ve been debating whether or not to announce everything about the @teamtransicehockey draft tournament given the sensitive content, but here it is,” he wrote on the social network.

“Had a great time with great people at an exclusive trans draft tournament in Middleton, WI the weekend before Thanksgiving,” wrote the player and captain of his team.

But then he said, “This is where the fine line comes in: I was playing a puck once and I had a really weird fall on the board, making sure my neck and limbs were fine.” I needed medical help to do this. Okay,” Maki added.

He said he suffered a concussion and muscle strain, but insisted he would “do it all over again.”

Notably, he did not mention being knocked out by a bigger opponent.

According to reports, Maki’s teammate, Mason LeFebvre, his team’s goaltender and the tournament’s NHL connection, was visibly upset by the injury and was seen slumped in the corner.

After regaining his composure, the other team’s coach took to the ice and delivered a rousing speech that included slogans such as “We’re not undefeated,” “We’re not done yet,” and “Scores don’t define your success.” value,” says Quillett.

NHL tweets about the event
The NHL said last month’s event was the first to be made up of “entirely transgender and non-binary players.”

The This was reported by the NHL in its tweet about the event “I was proud to support the Team Trans Draft tournament this past weekend in Middleton, Wisconsin. It was the first tournament made up entirely of transgender and non-binary players, featuring About 80 people participated.

This post generated a flurry of mixed comments.

“If trans men are men, why aren’t they playing in a men’s league?” one user wrote.

“Congratulations, you just pulled a Woke Walt Disney for all your sports! Watch the NHL crumble like a stale cookie. Wake up! said another.

“What a great idea! All sports should have separate trans/NB teams so trans and NB athletes feel safe and comfortable. Schools will have to build new locker rooms, but it’s worth it,” said a user with the opposite view. opposed.

“I’m up for it because I don’t want biological males playing in women’s divisions,” said another. added.

The incident is the latest to make waves involving transgender athletes, as transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Leah Thomas began competing as a woman after transitioning.

Critics argued that competing in the NCAA women’s division gave her an unfair advantage because she was biologically born male.

Thomas won the 500-meter freestyle at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Division I Swimming and Diving Championships earlier this year.


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