The White House is silent when a “squad” emerges in the middle of the Dem Civil War Pelosi.

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The white house The speaker of the House of Representatives was silent about the conflict Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leadership and representative Ilhan Omar because of his recent comments about the U.S. and Israel.

Omar, a two-term progressive from Minnesota, was criticized on Monday for tweeting that the United States and Israel have been linked to terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Taliban. He said everyone had committed “unimaginable atrocities.” This tweet caused a sharp rebuke from members of both sides.


Omar later retracted the comment on Thursday, saying that “in no way does it equate terrorist organizations with democratic states with a democratic judiciary.”

After Omar’s explanation, the Representatives Democratic leadership said in a statement “Misconceptions between democracies such as the United States and Israel and terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Taliban incite superstition and undermine progress towards a future of peace and security.”

“We welcome Congressman Omar’s explanation that there is no moral equality between the United States and Israel, Hamas and the Taliban,” the statement said.

But that didn’t put an end to the issue.

After OMAR called on his colleagues to criticize “ISLAMOPHOBIC”, DEM AGAINST DEM TAKES A NEW LEVEL

Michigan State spokeswoman Rashida Tlaib intervened in the party’s leadership after a statement was issued Thursday afternoon. In his controversial remarks, Tlaib said Democratic leaders should be “ashamed” of their treatment of Omar and other “pale congressional women.”

“Freedom of speech does not exist for Muslim women in Congress. The benefit of doubt does not exist for Muslim women in Congress. The Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives should be ashamed of the relentless and exclusive melancholy police of women in Congress. Color.”

Omar also slammed his colleagues in the squad – a small group of members of the New Progressive Union in New York – representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Missouri Rep. Corey Bush, on Thursday for sharply criticizing their party leaders.

“I am very sick and tired of constant cruelty, deliberate misrepresentations and mass targeting. [Omar] Due to our coincidence, “Ocasio-Cortes wrote on Twitter. They have no idea of ​​the danger that threatens him by skipping personal conversations and intensifying the targeted news cycle around him. “

Bush accused members of his party of “anti-blackness and Islamophobia.”

“Stop the attack [Omar]. “Stop attacking us,” Bush said. I’m not surprised when Republicans attack black women for human rights. But if it’s Democrats, it’s especially damaging. We are your colleagues. Talk to us directly. Be content with fighting black and Islamophobia. “

Meanwhile, the White House is currently silent on the outbreak of civil war between the “squad” and the leadership of the Democratic Congress. The press did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the ongoing dispute. President Biden is currently on a diplomatic trip to Europe.

Although members of Omar’s “squad” gathered to defend him, his original Twitter account was criticized by about a dozen House Democrats who are Jewish.

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“Equating the United States and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban is as aggressive as it is misguided,” the Democrat group said in a statement. Representatives among the signatories included Brad Schneider; Brad Sherman, D-Calif .; Josh Gottgeymer, DNJ; Jake Auchincloss, D-Mass .; and Ted Deutch, D-Fla.

Sherman too date of issue Independent release for harassing Umar for “angry and clear false statements” against America and Israel and denying “news” that Hamas “pleaded guilty to unbelievable atrocities”.

Fox News reporter Tyler Olson was present at the report

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