Third witness ‘100% sure’ he heard Alex Murdaugh in video taken just before wife, son were murdered

A third witness placed Alex Murdaugh at the scene of the murders after his wife and son were brutally murdered in a video recorded minutes before the disgraced legal family’s voice was marked with a voice.

Murdaugh’s friend and Parker Law Group attorney Ronnie Crosby told jurors Tuesday that he could hear Murdaugh talking to his wife in the background of a video his son Paul took inside the family kennel. Fox News reported.

“The three voices on this video are Paul Murdaugh, Maggie Murdaugh and Alex Murdaugh,” Crosby said.

“How sure are you?” asked prosecutor Creighton Waters.

“I’m 100% sure those voices are there on the audio,” Crosby said.

Crosby is the third person to confidently claim that Paul and his mother, Maggie, spoke to Murdo in a minute-long video taken on June 7, 2021, at 8:44 p.m., just four minutes before the phone went dark. can be heard.

The footage, which was presented in court last week, threatens to compromise Murdaugh’s long-standing claim that he was on a separate piece of South Carolina property when his wife and son were killed.

In the video, Paul, 22, is filming one of the animals’ tails – he was texting with a friend who was concerned about his condition.

Paul can be heard talking to the dog as he examines the tail as two other voices — a woman and a man — speak to each other in the background.

Prosecutors said that just four minutes after the video was taken, Paul’s phone went dead.

Alex Murdaugh claims he was nowhere near the family’s dog kennels the night his son and wife were killed.

Prosecutors called the video “significant evidence” that Murdaugh was lying about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. The Fallen race had repeatedly claimed that he was nowhere near the kennels where Paul and Maggie’s bodies were found that night.

Murdaugh said the last time he saw his wife and son were eating together around 8:15 p.m. He said they were sleeping on the couch when they were killed, and at 9:06 p.m. had left to visit his ailing mother. Suffering from late stage Alzheimer’s.

He repeatedly texted and called Maggie in the hour he was gone, though none of her messages were opened.

Murdaugh returned home at 10:01 p.m. and five minutes later called 911 to report that he had found the bodies of Paul and Maggie.

Paul is opening the door to the kennel.
Paul took a video of a dog in the family kennels four minutes before his phone went dark.
Colleton County Court

Paul was shot twice with a shotgun. Magee was shot multiple times with an AR-style rifle and a single, execution-style bullet hit her in the back of the head as she lay face down on the ground.

During his impeachment testimony Tuesday, Crosby also suggested that Murdaugh killed his family in an attempt to cover legal fees associated with a fatal 2019 boating accident with his son, Buster.

Paul and Maggie, Alex
Maggie and Paul, center, along with Buster and Alex Murdaugh, were shot dead.

According to Crosby, Murdaugh “suggested” to Parker Law Group’s CFO that he was trying to hide millions of dollars he owed after his son got drunk in South Carolina. Murdaugh’s boat capsized on the beach, a tragedy that left the 19-year-old. The old girl died.

“Oh fk no, we’re not,” Crosby said was his reaction at the time, adding that the proposal was “illegal” and “immoral.”

Since his indictment last summer, Murdaugh has maintained his innocence and rejected claims that he killed his wife and son in an attempt to cover up his extensive financial crimes. What did

He also faces 99 separate counts of financial fraud and is accused of trying to kill a man so his surviving son could get a $10 million life insurance policy.

Crosby also testified that the firm changed its name to Parker Law Group after Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes. Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth & Detrick was founded in 1910 by Alex Murdaugh’s great-grandfather.

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