TJ Holmes, Amy Robach are still getting paid after being fired from “GMA3.”

“GMA3” anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have been kicked off the air Their scandal erupted on Monday — after Page Six revealed his other alleged extramarital affairs.

ABC News president Kim Godwin told staff in a morning call that the unfortunate situation has become “an internal and external distraction.”

“After much thought, I’m taking Amy and TJ off the air as we understand it,” Godwin said, without elaborating on how long the stars will be gone.

He said that while Holmes and Robach’s allegation was not a “violation of company policy,” the decision to remove them from the anchor chairs during the show’s daily 1:00 p.m. show is bad for the GMA brand as a whole. was necessary.”

A source close to the situation told The Post on Monday that there is no timeline on how long the pair will be off the air.

Robach and Holmes are under contract and are still being paid, the source added.

According to a source, “GMA3” anchors TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are getting paid by ABC despite being fired from the show due to their relationship being exposed.

Their alleged relationship went down the drain after the video and photos first surfaced in the Daily Mail last week.

Then over the weekend, Entertainment Tonight published a report that Holmes had an affair with a former “GMA” producer that lasted several years before her romance with Robach.

Holmes, 45, has been married to immigration attorney Marilee Fiebig for 10 years. Robach, 49, is married to former “Melrose Place” actor Andrew Shue, though the couple’s divorce is “almost final,” sources told Page Six.

ABC News President Kim Godwin told staff that the case was becoming an “internal and external distraction.”
Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for the Alliance for Women in Media
Joe Benitez and Stephanie Ramos replaced Robach and Holmes on Monday's show.
Joe Benitez and Stephanie Ramos replaced Robach and Holmes on Monday’s show.

Holmes and Robach’s romance is believed to have started last spring, but other sources close to the anchors say the couple’s relationship began in August, when they split from their respective partners.

While Holmes’ lawsuit with Robach was initially thought to be a personal matter, reports of her previous high-profile extramarital affairs put the network on edge, leading to the hosts’ ouster, a source said.

Godwin told staff on Monday’s call: “I have spent the last few days thinking and working on what I believe is best for the ABC News organization.

“That’s not what I want to talk about, we’re not going to talk on this call until there’s more to talk about.

“Please stop whispering in the hallway,” added the performer. “You know, we can’t work with gossip, speculation and rumours. We have to focus on work.”

An ABC insider told The Post: “I doubt it [Robach and Holmes] deleted for good.

“It just depends on what else comes out, but my guess is they’ll hold them until the end of the year,” the source said.

As for the network, “They mismanaged it,” the source claimed.

Robach and husband Andrew Shue are close to finalizing their divorce.
Robach and husband Andrew Shue are close to finalizing their divorce.
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Holmes’ wife, Marilee Fiebig, was “blindsided” by his relationship with Robach.
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“They should have taken action when the news broke last week. … It’s a family show.”

Co-owners Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez became head coaches Monday for anchors.

“Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are having an off day,” Ramos said with a smile at the start of the show, then continued without pulling any punches.

It was not clear who would sit forward on the home bench.

A spokeswoman for ABC News declined to comment.

Ramos said on Monday’s show that Robach and Holmes had an “off day.”
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In the aftermath of the scandal, multiple sources told Page Six that the co-host’s relationship with Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts did not go well.

“He is not only religious. but he doesn’t like this kind of scandal to spoil the show,” said the insider.

Previous Page Six Roberts, 62, reported confronting Robach and Holmesthe older anchor “pushed them both aside and said, ‘Stop it.'”

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts reportedly confronted Holmes and Robach about their relationship.
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As Page Six reported last week, Holmes is also a A three-year relationship with GMA producer Natasha Singh Since 2016.

At the time, both Holmes and Singh confided in Robach about their betrayal.

“Amy was the one they went to to talk to them about their relationship and their marriage,” the source said.

Although Fiebig clarified in 2019 about the Singh case, she is “blindsided” by Holmes’ new romance with Robach. she and her husband have been working to rebuild their marriage during the coronavirus pandemic, sources told Page Six. Sources say Fiebig and Holmes were “totally together” in August and even celebrated their birthday in the Bahamas.

As for Robach, she left her husband in August.

Additional reporting by Francesca Bacardi


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