Toddler who fell down Thai well rescued after 18-hour dig

Rescue workers in Thailand worked through the night to rescue a 19-month-old girl from a dry well — 18 hours after she fell into a deep shaft while playing on a cassava farm.

Workers clapped and cheered as the daughter of migrant workers from neighboring Myanmar was pulled from the 49-foot-deep well and placed on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

“Great job, guys. We did it!” His comrades hugged each other and cried for a rescue in Phap Phra district of Tak province.

The child fell into the hole, which was 12 inches wide, late Monday afternoon while his parents were working in the garden.

The parents said they had left their child under a tree while they were cultivating in a nearby field. When they went back to check on the little boy during their break, they couldn’t find him and then heard crying coming from the well.

Rescuers are taking the daughter of a migrant from Myanmar to safety after 18 hours of digging.

Thai rescuers work to free a Myanmar girl trapped in a deep underground water hole in a cassava plantation in Phap Phra District, Tak Province, Thailand.
This child fell into the shaft of a 49 feet deep well.
PAYAP Rescue Club Handout/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The deep pit — dug by the landowner to be an artesian well — was left bare after it failed to tap the groundwater, Phup Phra district chief Sanya Phetset told Tharuth TV on Tuesday.

According to local media reports, first responders to the scene shouted from under the hole, and heard the baby crying.

A camera was then lowered into the trench to assess the situation and a tube was then inserted to provide oxygen to the girl.

Work crews dug through the night using backhoes and hand shovels.
Work crews dug through the night using shovels and shovels to reach the trapped child.
PAYAP Rescue Club Handout/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Workers spent a sleepless night digging along the shaft using several backhoes and other digging equipment.

Sania said, “At first it seemed like an easy operation as it looked like loose soil, but once we started digging, we found rock, which made it difficult as the excavators Can’t dig,” Sania said.

He explained that the operation was delicate as there was a risk of the child falling on the sides of the well. So rescuers switched to shovels to remove the last few feet of soil.

After being pulled out of the well, rescue workers are taking the child to the hospital.
The child was taken to an area hospital for treatment of minor injuries and exhaustion.
PAYAP Rescue Club Handout/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The toddler was rushed to Phu Phra Hospital after being rushed to safety.

“She is safe now. She is a bit tired but nothing serious,” Sania said.

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