Tom Brady mocking defensive players on ‘MNF’ Manningcast


Tom Brady has spent more than two decades carving out seven Super Bowl victories, 600-plus touchdowns and 81,000 passing yards against the tune. But as the second-quarter game unfolded during the “Sunday Night Football” Manningcast, he gave a light-hearted look at how those defensive players actually look.

Brady’s comment came when New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston pulled out of the pocket and turned the broken game into an 18-yard scramble. A pump-fake After crossing the scrimmage line. During the rematch, when the Seattle Seahawks defender was shown biting for a fake, Brady said, “The defense is like a dog chasing a car. Get the boy with the ball.”

“Have you ever been in those defensive meeting rooms?” Said Brady. “You wonder why they play defense and after about two minutes you go, ‘Yeah, they can never be an offensive player.’

“I’m sure (Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety) Antoine Winfield (Jr.) really appreciates those comments,” he said.

Manningcast returned to ESPN2 as an alternate broadcast for “Sunday Night Football” for the first time since Week 3, with Payton and Eli calling the Dallas Cowboys victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Their audience Has been reported The game reached 1.89 million, up from 1.86 million the previous week and attracted 14.6% of the total audience for the September game, according to ProffootballTalk.

It has seven games remaining in the remaining weeks of the season to reach the 10-game limit outlined by ESPN’s contract announced for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons. In his fourth week, Brady was one of four guests – along with Marshawn Lynch, Sue Bird and Drew Brees – and became the first NFL player to throw 600 touchdown passes the next day.

Wide receiver Mike Evans said during his celebration, Brady discussed the process of retrieving the historic ball for the fan and made a statement from Rob Gronkowski’s September 20 Manningcast show about not watching the film.

Tom Brady joined Peyton and Eli Manning on their alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast.

Lynch’s section, on the other hand, featured an F-bomb and a reference to his prequel to taking one and a half shots of Hennessey. When Eli Lynch was asked if he was “warm” before the Manningcast segment, Lynch replied, “Three-shot low.” He had one, “big brother” and another “little brother”.

“Thank you for that honor,” Peyton replied. “I appreciate it.”

Later in the broadcast, after the Lynch and Brady segments ended, Peyton Warren Moon proposed that only new balls could be thrown “out of the box” and how equipment workers had a “special sauce” when it came to breaking new ones. Footballs. “I can’t reveal what’s in the sauce” He added, But Eli mentions that equipment workers rub and sand the balls, but Peyton said they put in the sauna.

Manningcast Will return The Giants travel to Arrowhead Stadium next week and face the Kansas City Chiefs.



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