Top Dolla Jinder Mahal deletes the disc track after a fan setback


Jinder Mahal and Shanky were a bit on SmackDown, where the duo mocked rap music. Top Dolla didn’t like it, so he answered with his own disc track.

The WWE crowd hit a nerve when a Hit Row member dropped that disc track, as some felt he had gone too far. While entertaining at Mahal’s COVID-19 history and 3MB, fans didn’t like what Top Dolla had to rap when they spit the following bars.

“For all your lameness, you want to stay in your lair rather than playing these games. Maharaja is the prince and you are not. It’s obvious that you hate rap the way you do. You are a champion and that is embarrassing, you are arrogant, and I mean, you clearly hate it, I want to rap with Heath Slater. If I’m a top dolla, you’re the bottom dollar, I need some urgency because Jinder’s bars don’t listen to the beat. We can definitely say that it hurts Wu looks like a walk in the park. Sorry, I pulled a thread on ya to get started. And now, like that fabric, everything is falling apart

Top Dolla deleted the track after fans dropped their quotes in a big way after they dropped the song. He later responded on social media, where he made it clear why he deleted his song and that people should have the same power of protecting their culture.

Jinder and Shanky joked about “culture” and I literally laughed when they turned their hats on and boxed all the things that mocked my culture and they knew it. I responded with a point of entertainment with a track doing the same thing in fun.

You are in turmoil about the track that Jinder has come up with. I have outdone all of you so I deleted it. The whole point of this is to have a good time no matter what we do. If you think I’m not sensitive, I think you have the same power for my culture

It remains to be seen where this situation will go. Obviously, Hit Row doesn’t leave a shot unanswered. Jinder Mahal found the hard way. On that note, you can check out the deleted track below.

November 14, 2021 3:43 pm

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