Toth was blown away by the subway singer’s rendition of “What a Wonderful World.”

What a wonderful moment.

The heartwarming footage shows the adorable 2-year-old stopping in his tracks and belting out ‘What a Wonderful World’ by metro singer Louis Armstrong.

Medea Plestiu was walking home with her parents from the tunnel at Westminster tube station in the UK when she stopped when she saw an unknown busker playing an electric guitar and singing. Armstrong’s 1967 classic.

“He was absorbed in his music and the way he played. He was shocked. It was a magical moment,” mother Nella Ionescu, 33, from Harrow, north-west London, told SWNS. “Medea came forward and stopped in front of him. As soon as we got to her, I started filming.”

When the “talented” musician sees the tot staring adoringly, he smiles at the little one and changes the lyrics to “wonderful girl.”

A cute viral video shows a little tot standing on a subway bus, mesmerized by the song.
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“It seemed like a special moment for him too. I think it made his day. A lot of people just walk by, but his moment with Medea lasted five minutes,” the proud mom added. “I love that he changed the words and it became a personal experience for him. I’m grateful for it. He was really talented.”

The busker named Nella after the song, telling her she was a “good audience”. Medea loses interest and wanders off at the end of the song before she can applaud or thank the kind man.

The little girl is surprised by the busker
His mother begins to write Louis Armstrong’s song, watching in awe of the man’s performance.
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For the donation, Nella gave the busker her native Romanian currency, about $2, of British cash, which the musician said she would put in her pocket “to remember the moment”.

The sweet clip was posted on Instagram earlier this year and has garnered more than 12,000 likes as users flooded the comments with good vibes.

Now Medea begs her mother to listen to her “song”.
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“I really want her to remember this when she grows up,” wrote one user.

“Oh, she made his day, bless him. She’s cute,” said another.

“A beautiful moment in time,” wrote another.

Nella and Medea
Nella, on the left, put the music on a USB flash drive so that Medea can listen to the track whenever she wants.
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Now Nella says her daughter always insists on listening to the song – even eight months later.

Calling it “her song,” little Medea, jokingly called “the world’s youngest Louis Armstrong fan,” begs her mother to play the tune again.

Medea is shocked by the busker
The viral video has received thousands of likes on the internet.
Kennedy News and Media

“I have the song on a USB flash drive in the car,” Nella said. “He always asks to play his ‘song’, sometimes he sings ‘pretty girl.’ He knows most of the words. He sings it with so much heart. “

“We created a memory that will last forever,” he added. “I couldn’t save this video myself, I had to share it.”


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