Tracy Dyson: 5 Things About The NASA Astronaut Who Sang The National Anthem At NCAA Championship

Tracy Dyson made headlines recently after singing the national anthem at the NCAA championship game. Not only is she a talented singer, but she’s also an accomplished NASA astronaut. Here are five things to know about Tracy Dyson:

  1. She’s an engineer and a pilot. Dyson graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She then went on to serve as a pilot in the United States Air Force.
  2. She’s flown on multiple space missions. Dyson has flown on three space shuttle missions, including STS-123, STS-132, and STS-142. During these missions, she served as a mission specialist and helped to operate the robotic arm used for construction tasks.
  3. She’s part of an elite group of astronauts. Dyson is one of only a few African American female astronauts to have flown in space. She’s also a member of the 1998 NASA astronaut class, which was the first to include more than just military pilots.
  4. She’s an accomplished musician. In addition to her career as an astronaut, Dyson is also a classically trained musician. She has sung the national anthem at several high-profile events, including the 2015 World Series and the 2016 Women’s Final Four.
  5. She’s passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. Dyson is an active speaker and mentor, working to encourage young people, especially girls and minorities, to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Tracy Dyson’s achievements as an engineer, pilot, astronaut, musician, and mentor are truly impressive. Her dedication to her work and her passion for inspiring others serve as an inspiration to many.

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