Trump calls Christie ‘sloppy’ after ex-NJ gov says 2020 loss ‘still stings’

Donald Trump called one-time ally Chris Christie “got it” after the former New Jersey governor predicted the ex-president would not win in 2024 and needed him to lose a re-election bid in 2020 – saying That “the loss still stings for Joe.”

The war of words began on Sunday when Christie posted on Twitter that Trump, 76, “was the only candidate outside of Delaware to lose to Biden.”

The 45th president responded that Christie’s 2016 campaign “went down in flames.”

Trump, who announced his third straight run for the White House on November 15. Social truth Christie’s platform to praise him after appearing on ABC News’ “This Week.”

Chris Christie, the failed former governor of New Jersey, spent nearly the entire year campaigning for the Republican nomination for president in New Hampshire. “Like his tenure, where he left with just a 9% approval rating, his presidential campaign was a total disaster,” Trump said.

Former President Donald Trump and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie traded insults online over Trump’s chances in 2024.
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“He endorsed me the next day, later recommended Chris Wray to the FBI (how did that work?), came under fire, and then got saved by ABC FAKE NEWS. I never wanted that!” ” he added.

for that reason Christie’s response on Twitter.

“I am the target of Donald Trump’s new wrath. None of his lies about me today bothered him when he asked me to prepare for every general election debate or offered me 3 different cabinet positions. ” said the former governor.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he does not believe Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential election.
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he does not believe Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential election.
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“He’s the only guy outside of Delaware who lost to Biden. That loss to Joe still stings,” Christie reiterated.

Christie, who backed Trump after he dropped out of the 2016 Republican presidential primary, apparently ruffled the feathers of the 45th president when he answered a question from moderator Jonathan Karl about whether the former president would beat Biden in 2024. can give

“I don’t think so” Christy said bluntly.

Christie, an ABC News aide, also cast doubt on the 80-year-old Biden’s chances of winning in 2024, noting that the president did not win the election in 2020, but Trump “lost.”

“Politicians, when they run for office, you don’t always win. Sometimes the other guy loses. Joe Biden’s president because Donald Trump lost. Joe Biden didn’t win. And Joe Biden never acknowledged that fact. Not captured. And so he keeps doing what he did when he was running, which he thought was great because I won. No, you didn’t win. Trump lost.” Christie said.

He pointed to Biden’s age, his poor poll numbers and doubted whether the aging man could withstand the rigors of a re-election campaign.

“He’s not capable of running a traditional American race,” Christie said. “And what he had in his 20s was a gift. He had Donald Trump, which was toxic.

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