TUCKER CARLSON: America’s problems are fixable, but profound

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Imagine you’re Joe Biden, and you have to give the State of the Union address because it’s in the Constitution. So if you’re Biden, it would take a lot of brass to stand up on live television and claim that America is better than it was when you took office. Can you do this? Well, in a little over an hour, Joe Biden will do it.

I wish it were true. This is not true. This country is more divided, less confident, more confused and depressed than in living memory. For the first time in generations, we face the real threat of world war. Our problems are solvable, but they are deep, and require the full attention of wise and serious leaders who love the country and who are ready to think beyond the next election. Instead, unfortunately, we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and a cast of moderates standing behind them in making the actual decisions.

US President Joe Biden, on March 31, 2022. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarck/File Photo)

So if we had to guess, we’d guess that Biden will use his speech tonight as another opportunity to brag about his victories and blame others for his failures. January 6, Vladimir Putin. We do not expect a single honest word. We hope to be surprised, but we don’t expect it. In the meantime, this statistical analysis of the actual state of the union under Joe Biden is as close as we can get.

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Since his predecessor, Donald Trump, delivered his last address to a joint session of Congress, the price of food and drink in the United States has risen — a very good measure — by more than 20 percent. 40 in the price of petrol and the price of diesel has gone up even more. Consumer confidence, meanwhile, is a mirror image, falling 40 percent. What has increased is credit card debt. It is now estimated to be at an all-time high, totaling over $1T.

And homelessness too. Tens of thousands more Americans are living on the streets now than when Joe Biden became president. He’ll ignore that fact tonight, guaranteed. What could he say about it?

On the other hand, how could he ignore her? But then, he will. Meanwhile, interest rates are skyrocketing. The number of new home buyers is lower than it has been at any time in modern history. The number of working-age American men who are actually working is now less than 68 percent. Take a look at the graph on your screen. If something is an emergency, it is an emergency, but it is being ignored.

“We will only import new workers.” And that’s why America’s southern border is open tonight, as it has been for two years. And since it has been open, millions and millions and millions of foreign nationals have entered our country illegally. In many cases, we don’t know about them at all. We can’t imagine how their long-term presence will affect our economy or the already strained social services you’ve paid for all your life. You think health care is in trouble now? Go ahead and visit the emergency room in five years. Luckily the treatment is on the way.

But the real value of the country is not social harmony. That’s a lot of new people. It doesn’t matter if they are good people or bad, they are strangers. And there are a lot of them. There is no way we can integrate them all. And at this point, we have enough problems with our social fabric. Here is a measure. In March 2020, 31% of Americans told Gallup they were “very concerned” about race. When Joe Biden took office, that number jumped to nearly 50 percent. And, of course, management talks about just that: race. Race is not a solvable condition. It is genetic. It never changes. So if you focus on that, eventually, you will make people hate each other. And this is what is happening.

It can make you worry about the future. But of course our future is education. We have all heard it since we were born in this country. So how are our schools doing under Joe Biden? Well, here’s a measure. In 2022, the national average ACT score reached its lowest level in more than three decades. SAT scores are also down. Now, only 40% of all test takers meet or exceed standards in reading, writing and math. In some cities, test results are even worse. In Baltimore, for example, not one student in at least 23 schools, not one student in the entire school, is proficient in math.

Liberal pundits were not happy when President Biden failed to connect domestic issues with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  (AP via Saul Loeb, Poll)

Liberal pundits were not happy when President Biden failed to connect domestic issues with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (AP via Saul Loeb, Poll) (AP via Saul Loeb, Poll)

So how is the Biden administration responding to this? Are alarm bells ringing in the Department of Education? No, schools are simply failing to measure failure. They are getting rid of standardized tests up and down the chain, including Harvard, which has made them optional. The American Bar Association says law students don’t even need to take the LSAT because the tests are racist. So much concern has been expressed about racial justice and equality. Has it helped people? Well, it has made a few very rich. The women who run Black Lives Matter have many homes. But how are ordinary people? Are they better for it all? no.

Life expectancy in the United States has continued to decline. For all races, black and white Americans. It is now at its lowest level, life expectancy, in 25 years. Now, it’s not just because of COVID. This number has been decreasing every year for the last four years. Suicides are about a 5% increase that we know about. Overdose deaths have increased by more than 50 percent since the pandemic. Alcohol-related deaths have increased by more than 30 percent.

Now, these aren’t so much medical issues as they are desperate deaths. And troublingly, there seems to be no option for many Americans. Many people in this country do not think they can be saved. For the first time in this country’s history, church membership has fallen below 50%. So this is a sadly secular country with dwindling reserves of hope and conscription is a pretty good measure of how people feel about it. The Pentagon has fallen 25 percent short of its enrollment goals. This is more than 15,000 recruits.

So what is growing and flourishing in this country under Joe Biden? Well, there are weed dispensaries. They are popping up everywhere. And the Biden administration is encouraging it. This is Biden’s economy. Herbal dispensaries are backed by private equity. Cannabis sales in the country have exploded, rising from $12 billion to $30 billion a year. So we’re building better again. We are building a lot of weed dispensaries. This is not exactly what we were promised.

We’ll stop the analysis there, but you get the point. The question is, what will Biden say about all this? Now an honest man who cares about the country will honestly point out the problems so that we can solve them. Take responsibility for some, blame others. it’s fine. But tell the truth.

If people are dying young, killing themselves, living on the street, if credit card debt is at an all-time high, you can’t tell us the State of the Union is strong. And if you can’t tell us that, we can’t fix it.

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