TUCKER CARLSON: This is the truth about Ukraine’s Zelensky

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Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight. Remember when Russia invaded Ukraine in February? And at that time our leaders told us that this was not a distant conflict in Eastern Europe. This was our war. “No military should ever be allowed to invade a sovereign nation,” they told us. Iraq and Afghanistan are clearly not included in this rule. He could not stand the invasion of Ukraine, because it was a matter of first principles. But more than that, it was a world-historical moral battle in which we were forced to join.

It was very clear. Vladimir Putin was pure evil. He is Hitler reborn. Ukrainian President Zelensky was his mirror image. He was like a saint – self-denying, brave, honest, very beautiful. And Zelensky fought for the ideals on which our country was founded. A number of news outlets, including CNN and the LA Times, have compared him to George Washington. So they told us they would not allow any disagreement with one vote every month. No wonder. Americans strongly believed in President Zelensky.

Everyone did. Even in rural areas that voted against Joe Biden, you saw Ukrainian flags hanging from mailboxes. For many, it felt like World War II all over again. A good war. Fighting tyranny abroad for freedom and democracy at home. A year later, it’s harder and harder to believe any of this. Whatever you think of the war in Ukraine, Zelensky clearly has no interest in freedom and democracy. In fact, Zelensky is closer to Lenin than George Washington. He is a dictator. He is a dangerous authoritarian who used a hundred billion US dollars in taxes to establish a one-party police state in Ukraine. And this is not an exaggeration.


Over the past two years, Zelensky has banned opposition parties. He forcefully shut down critical media. He arrested his political opponents. He sent soldiers to the churches. Zelensky’s secret police raided monasteries across Ukraine, even one full of nuns, and arrested dozens of priests for no good reason and in clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution, which is now irrelevant. And in the face of this, the Biden administration said nothing. Not a word. Instead, they continue to send more tax dollars to Zelensky. So, naturally, Zelensky became much bolder. Why wouldn’t he?

Last week, he announced plans to ban an entire religion, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and seize its property, all for not being sufficiently loyal to his regime. And he said it out loud. Watch this.


VOLODIMIR ZELENSKY: We must create such conditions that any nation dependent on an aggressor cannot manipulate Ukrainians and weaken Ukraine from within. First, the National Security and Defense Council instructed the government to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on making it impossible for religious organizations affiliated with centers of influence in the Russian Federation to operate in Ukraine.

A free country does not ban a major religion just because it does not fit the political agenda of the people who rule the country. But Zelensky is doing it, and his cabinet is now devising ways to punish Christians who practice an ancient religion banned in Ukraine. Quote: “Personal economic and restrictive sanctions apply to any Christian who worships in unapproved ways.” Currently, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is over a thousand years old. With the full support of the Joe Biden administration and the US Congress, Zelensky decided to ban it. So, one bishop’s response to the news.


Eastern Orthodox Bishop: We walk with God brothers and sisters! Don’t be afraid! There are people who want to stop our Church and Orthodox faith! God stop these people! Brothers and sisters, these people are starting to fight against God! They started a war against God! And heaven! They are not real Ukrainians! Our Ukraine – blessed and loyal Ukraine! And all Orthodox Ukraine will pray today!

In this July 8, 2022, photo provided by the press service of the President of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy attends a meeting with military officials during a visit to the war-torn Dnipropetrovsk region. (Press Office of the President of Ukraine via AP, File)
(Press Office of the President of Ukraine via AP, File)

You cannot send soldiers to churches. You cannot arrest dozens of priests because they refuse to bow before you. You cannot ban entire religions. So much of the US media ignored it. Some used it as an excuse. “Oh, he has to do that because there’s a war.” But there is no basis for this. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is Ukrainian, not Russian. He has nothing to do with Putin’s government. He has, in fact, officially condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So, once again, there is no reason to destroy and ban this church. And yet, many of Zelensky’s famous supporters in the West have said nothing about it, and they should know better.

In May, the great defender of Christendom, George W. Bush, met with Zelensky via a Zoom call and later described him as “the Winston Churchill of our time.” A man to be commended for his “commitment to freedom”. So where is George W. Bush in this question, his friend, George Washington of Ukraine, banned a form of Christianity in this country? Well, George Bush was also silent. So are many members of Congress who identify as Christians. They support Zelensky, no matter how many Christians he arrests and how many churches he seizes.


LINDSAY GRAHAM: To the people of Ukraine, you can count on Congress to stand with you in supporting your efforts to preserve your freedom.

CARINE JEAN-PIERRE: We can do everything we can to help them as they fight for their freedom.

CHRIS COONS: I think the history of the 21st century shows how strongly we defend freedom in Ukraine.

JAKE SULLIVAN: We will continue to supply military equipment to Ukraine to defend its territory and freedom.

NED PRICE: The United States will continue to stand by Ukraine as it defends its freedom.

MITT ROMNEY: And let’s do the work to save lives and protect the path to freedom in Ukraine.

JOE BIDEN: The free world had no choice. America could not stand. The American people have done what they have always done: protect freedom around the world.

Everyone you see now has campaigned. Many of them, Lindsey Graham, ladies and gentlemen, make a habit of campaigning in Christian churches in the United States. Will a single Christian leader say anything to them about this? You are financing the destruction of Christianity in Ukraine. “Ah, but this is the cause of freedom.” Really?


The truth is that Ukrainians cannot listen to media that criticize Zelenskyi’s government because they are banned. They cannot play the music of Russian singers. No, it’s not in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. It is in the Ukrainian democracy that we support. They cannot sing the music of Russian singers. They cannot vote for the opposition party because they are all closed. Now their churches are being raided and their priests are being arrested.

So the fact that our leaders call this freedom says a lot about what they are planning here. Of course. Why would you defend it? Because you approve of it. For its part, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has stopped pretending that this is about freedom. They are happy to get paid and finally crush any opposition in their country. And that’s why the Ukrainian military is using your tax dollars to produce choreographed dance videos for social media use. Just like the COVID nurses. Here is one of them.


It’s just plain postmodern psycho, and anyone who falls for it is brain-damaged. This is the same Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that lied about the “Ghost of Kiev” and the sailors who cursed the Russian ship. Now they just have fun. Because they are, of course, defeating internal enemies, as always. And Time magazine is completely in line with this. They have just announced to their four remaining students that Zelensky is “man of the year”. And the media chorus is in full shriek. According to MSNBC historian John Meacham, Zelensky really does look a lot like the Pope.


JOHN MEACHAM: Zelensky is fired with the best basic impulses in human nature: to stand up, to defend, to express, to resist. I think it should also be remembered that he is a performer. He started there. John Paul II was the executor. Ronald Reagan was the executive. Winston Churchill understood the media tools of his time. He understood the power of radio. Franklin Roosevelt understood radio well. It is not for nothing that great leaders understand.

Great leaders. So if they defend a man who shuts down opposition media, arrests political opponents, arrests priests, sends the army into monasteries, and then bans religion, if they defend all this and call it freedom, they defend it. anything.

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