Twitter Circles Is Broken, Revealing Nudes Not Meant For The General Public

Twitter Circles Is Broken, Revealing Nudes Not Meant For The General Public

Twitter is facing criticism over its new feature, Twitter Circles, which has allegedly led to private photos and videos being shared publicly. Twitter Circles, which was launched earlier this year, is a feature that allows users to create private groups for specific conversations, similar to Facebook Groups or WhatsApp.

However, several users have reported that the feature is broken, and private content is being shared outside of the intended circles. In some cases, private photos and videos have been shared publicly, leading to embarrassment and harassment for those involved.

Twitter has responded to the criticism, stating that it is investigating the issue and taking steps to fix the problem. The company has also reminded users to be careful when sharing private content and to only use the feature with trusted friends.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety and privacy of social media platforms. While Twitter Circles is intended to provide a more private space for conversations, the recent incidents have highlighted the risk of unintended exposure.

Twitter is not the first social media platform to face criticism over its privacy and security features. In recent years, Facebook has faced several high-profile scandals, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the personal data of millions of users being harvested without their consent.

The incident has also led to discussions about the need for stronger privacy regulations and protections for social media users. While many platforms have introduced new privacy features in response to criticism, some experts argue that stronger regulations are needed to ensure that users are adequately protected.

In the meantime, Twitter users are advised to be cautious when using the platform’s new feature and to only share private content with trusted friends.

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