Twitter reinstates Sen. Daines’s account after hunting photo


Montana Sen. Steve Diens (R) announced Tuesday that the suspension of his Twitter account has been lifted by the social media company’s owner, Elon Musk, after the congressman violated its policy on sensitive images.

Dennis received a notification Monday night that his account had been suspended for displaying “graphic violence,” he said, after he changed his profile picture to a smiling deer of him and his wife. raised his bloody head when he had struck. Dennis said in a statement that Musk contacted him and “worked quickly” to restore his account.

The billionaire and Tesla owner has portrayed himself as a supporter of the First Amendment, restoring accounts banned for violent threats, harassment and misinformation shortly after taking over as CEO. While Washington Post technology reporter Drew Harwell banned journalists.

Musk suspends journalists from Twitter, claims ‘assassination’ threats

“The initial ban on my wife and I’s profile photo after a successful Montana deer hunt was disappointing given the fact that it is no different than the photos that Montana shares on social media every day,” Dennis said. “This is our Montana way of life and we’re proud of it. I’m glad Elon Musk recognizes that.

Twitter originally linked its policy when it suspended Dennis’ account to ban posts that “depict excessively graphic or gruesome content related to death” or “animals.” torture or murder”. After the suspension, conservatives on Twitter denounced the decision as censorship and rallied around the hashtag. #FreeSteveDaines. In response to the news, Republican lawmakers, including Sen. Mike Rounds (SD) and Rep. Marinette Miller-Max (Iowa), posted photos of their respective hunts showing dead animals.

Unlike other CEOs of social media companies, Musk has not avoided politics but has appealed to Republicans, choosing to reverse the ban on former President Donald Trump and encouraging independent candidates to vote Republican. Is.

It’s unclear why Twitter changed its stance on Dennis. After Musk took over the company, Twitter eliminated its press team. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post.

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