Tyler Posey recalls Jennifer Lopez as a “mom figure” on both sides of the Maid In Manhattan camera

Tyler Posey and Jennifer Lopez in 2014 and 2002
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To be an actor means to transform into anything, whether a man becomes a beast or a childless woman becomes a mother. Tyler Posey is an authority on both topics, having been both a famous fictional werewolf and a beloved romantic comedy child star. In a recent interview with The AV Clubhe tells us about his time. Maid in Manhattan Helping Jennifer Lopez prepare for motherhood.

Even as a ten-year-old, Posey says he was “so impressed by Jennifer” and the rest of the cast. “I just remember everything feeling so big. But at the same time, not panicking, and feeling great, and confident. And I think it was because Jennifer made me feel that way.” he recalls. “She was a mother figure to me at that time. She didn’t have any children, so I think she was experimenting with the role of being a mother, and it killed her. He did very well. She was great, and they were all very professional, and yes, it was great. It was such an interesting experience.”

One of the biggest lessons he learned as a child star was to treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of their role, which he learned from other adult actors. no to do so. But Not J.Lo: “Working with Jennifer, I was like, ‘Oh, you can be at a really high, respectable level and still be a great person to everybody,'” he shares. “That’s the most important lesson I’ve learned.”

Other favorite Posey memories from Maid in Manhattan The set includes the dog, Rufus (“He was so cute! I miss that little guy”) and another human co-star: “Stanley Tucci. Going into it, I knew that Stanley Tucci was just this legend. They were all legends, but my dad just kept talking about Stanley Tucci, so I had that — he was just this god figure to me,” he recalls. “So working with him, and him being so funny and sweet to me, was just like one of the greatest things in the world. I love Stanley Tucci so much, he’s a class act.

Now that he’s an adult, Posey is poised to become a romantic comedy in his own right (some The AV Club Totally endorses it, as we named it one of our picks. The next great romcom star). “I want to do more rom-coms. I would love that. I want to express my comic side,” he says, adding that he would be happy to act in any genre. “I want to do more than one!” Let it happen, Hollywood!

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