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Bloody Elbow Fight Specialists, Dane Fox and Eddie Mercado, are here tonight – Saturday, November 20, 2021, Breakdown UFC Vegas 43: ‘Viera vs. Tate’ The Fight Night event, which aired at the APEX Center in good old Las Vegas, NV.

This week’s hosts for the 6th round post-show show podcast
June M. Williams

Hot guys, possible future matches, as well as reactions to the overall event in the player above or we may get caught Bloody Elbow Presents YouTube Channel Or any of our BE Presents Podcast Network. (Spoilers …)

Main Event:

The UFC demonstrated the women’s bantamweight clash at the main event UFC Vegas 43. We are No. 7, the Brazilian BJJ grappling phenom, with a 12-1 record by Katelyn ‘Phenomeno’ Vieira, returning No. 1. Entering the octagon to face the 8th rank, Miesha ‘2.0’ Tate; Promoter in Women’s MMA – Former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and Former VP for ONE Championships. With a storied 19-7 career record. Four years later ‘Cupcake’ returned on March 24 this year and has gone into the top ten.

Vieira was originally scheduled to face Tate on October 16, 2021 UFC Vegas 40. However, on September 22, the match was removed from the card when Tate tested positive for COVID-19. The five-round headlining match was finally held tonight.

The result:
When all was said and done, Viera’s heavy hands gave her a tingling edge to close Tate’s distance, her nose bloody, and her left eye closed in the process. More on the outcome by Dane and Eddie on the show, folks!

Co-Main Event:

Meanwhile, in the co-main event, veteran Michael ‘Maverick’ Cheesa and up-and-coming Sean Brady face off in the welterweight grappling master class. Listed tonight in the Topology, Brady was ranked No. 13 in the 19 Fight win streak with a 14-0 official record and moved up with No. 6 seed Chisa, who had a 17-5 record. But Vicente was missing the look.

The result:
The battle went back and forth for all three rounds, eye-catching, take-downs, some ground and pound attacks, but in the end, Brady’s Philly fighting ability earned him a ‘W’ to reign in the field of grappling. Ex TUF The winner. This is the biggest win for Brady in his career and it will move him to the top ten.

The main card remaining:

Prior to the headlining match, we graced the night with a facelift from the women’s flyweight, the Brazilian Tyla Santos at Muay Thai Specialist, the fight veteran, Joanne Wood (formerly JoJo Calderwood), our only finish of the entire event.

The result:
After punishing Wood with powerful strikes, including two knockdowns and a beautiful right-hander, including a left hook, she succeeded in pulling that left hand back down the left arm to submit strikes after Wood’s first down. , With an evil rear-naked choke that forces Wood to tap with just fifteen seconds to go in the first round. Santos is now 19-1, the new top seeded contender in the rankings.

In our main card opener, our Fight of the Night Bantamweight was between Adrian Yanez and Britt, ‘Dangerous’ Davey Grant, in a seven-fight winning streak.

The result:
On the odd split decision scorecard, Yanez came out victorious tonight. Grant served a decent number of kicks, opening the game with a spinning kick, but Yanez missed most of the game, combating Grant’s body and bloody head with combo. Post-Fight DC commented on Yanez’s ability to remain calm in a chaotic situation during the match, while Yanez turned his attention to the octagon and cited the presence of his beloved trainer who had recently died.

For more details on the main card and plenty of tidbits about prelims, be sure to play the show above or below and hear what our fight experts have to say about tonight’s event.

This week the boys’ choices go to 11-bout UFC Vegas 43 Fight Night Event: (Eddie’s options did not come to my desk at the time of this announcement, they will be updated at a later time)

Key Card –
Dane: Tate
Dane: Brady
Dane: Santos
Dane: Kong
Dane: Yanez

Prelims –
Dane: Sabathini
Dane: Garcia
Dane: LookBoonMe
Dane: Durden
Dane: Soriano
Dane: Pine

All in all, this now 11-bout card saw a pleasant first round finish, no KO / TKOs, one submission, and ten hard-fought decisions, a split. Bonuses for completing things, putting them forward POTN The efforts went on Taila Santos; FOTN The honors went Davey Grant vs. Adrian Yanez. What wild Saturday fights we have to share with you, join us to discuss all the action!

Look here UFC Vegas 43: ‘Katelyn Veera VS Meesha Tate’ Updated fighting records and results –

ESPN + Main Card | SAT. November 20th
At 2:11 pm – 11. Katelyn Vieira (12-2) DEF. Meesha Tate (19-8) – DEC, unanimous (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)

At 9:31 p.m. 10. Sean Brady (15-0) DEF. Michael Chisa (17-6) – DEC, unanimous (29-28×3)

At 17:03 pm – 9. Tyla Santos (19-1) DEF. Joanne Wood (15-7) – former Naked Choke in SUB, 4:49 Road 1

At 21:36 pm – 8. Queen Yahya (28-10) DEF. Kyung Ho Kong (17-9) – DEC, unanimous (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

At 25:38 pm – 7. Adrian Yanez (15-3) DEF. Davey Grant (11-6) – DEC, Split (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

ESPN + Prelims
At 29:39 pm – 6. Pat Sabatini (16-3) DEF. Tucker Lutz (12-2) – DEC, unanimous (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).

At 31:28 pm – 5. Rafa Garcia (13-2) DEF. Naughton Levy (6-1) – DEC, unanimous (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

33:36 pm – 4. Lupita Godinez (7-2) DEF. Loma Lookbunmee (6-3) – DEC, Unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

At 36:39 pm – 3. Cody Durden (12-3) DEF. Killeng Ari (18-9) – DEC, unanimous (29-28,29-28,29-28)

40:04 pm – 2. SHYLAN NURDONBK (20-7) DEF. Sean Soriano (14-8) – DEC, unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

43:20 pm – 1. Luana Pinheiro (10-1) DEF. Sam Hughes (5-4) – DEC, unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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