UK police uncover 900 pounds of cocaine worth $ 44 million in loads of onion rings


British authorities have arrested a truck driver with more than 900 pounds of cocaine in a shipment of frozen onion rings this week, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency has announced.

Border officials stopped transit Thursday in the UK incoming zone of Coquelles, France. The 921-pound load has a road value of more than $ 44 million.

The cocaine shipment is hidden in the carriage of frozen onion rings.
(National Crime Agency)

Poland’s 30-year-old Piotr Perzenowski is facing charges of trafficking in Class A drugs.

“This is a really significant amount of drugs being taken out of circulation,” said the National Crime Agency branch commander Mark Howes said In a statement.

Ukraine seized 1 ton of heroin on its way to Europe

“The eclipse is deprived [organized] The criminal group gives them a profit responsibility that will encourage more crime. “

The $ 44 million bust comes on the heels of other recent blows to drug trafficking rings in Europe.

Portuguese police seized five tonnes of cocaine from a yacht in the Atlantic Ocean last month. US and European law enforcement officials dismantled the massive Darknet drug trafficking network in October, resulting in the arrest of more than 150 people and hundreds of pounds of various drugs.


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