Ukraine FM urges Latin American states to condemn Russian aggression

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has urged Latin American countries to support his country’s condemnation of Russian aggression in the region. Kuleba made the call during his visit to Brazil, where he met with officials to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Kuleba’s visit to Brazil is part of his ongoing tour of Latin America, which also includes visits to Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. During his visit to Brazil, Kuleba met with Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Franca and other officials to discuss issues related to trade, security, and regional stability.

At a press conference following his meeting with Franca, Kuleba urged Latin American countries to condemn Russia’s aggressive actions toward Ukraine, including the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

“We hope that our Latin American partners will continue to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and condemn Russia’s aggressive actions,” Kuleba said.

Kuleba’s visit comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia have escalated in recent months, with Russia amassing troops near the Ukrainian border and in the Crimean peninsula. Ukraine has accused Russia of providing military support to separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, while Russia has accused Ukraine of provoking the conflict.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed more than 13,000 lives since it began in 2014, and has resulted in the displacement of more than 1.5 million people.

Kuleba also discussed the possibility of expanding trade between Ukraine and Brazil, and urged Brazilian companies to invest in Ukraine’s growing technology sector.

“We believe that there is great potential for cooperation between Ukraine and Brazil in the fields of technology, agriculture, and renewable energy,” Kuleba said. “We hope that Brazilian companies will take advantage of the opportunities that exist in Ukraine and invest in our country’s growing economy.”

Kuleba’s visit to Latin America underscores Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen ties with countries in the region and build support for its stance against Russian aggression. As the conflict in eastern Ukraine continues, Ukraine is looking to broaden its partnerships and alliances in order to bolster its security and stability.

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